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02864 Chapter God!

"Lin Yingying, your children... aren't the only evil corpses in Shanliang Village, right?"

Although Yun Qingyan had an answer in his heart, he still asked.

"En..." Lin Yingying was nodded.

After getting the exact answer from Lin Yingying's mouth again, Yun Qingyan cast a spell on the 999 coffins under the pit.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine coffins all flew in front of Yun Qingyan.

The lid of the coffin fell off by itself and turned over so that the bottom of the lid of the coffin was exposed in front of Yun Qingyan.

Yun Qingyan saw countless scratches, all of which were traces of five fingers.

Countless finger scratches.

In the coffin, there are also countless five-finger scratches, and countless counts...

In every coffin, there are two bones, many... even Even the bones have been bitten.

Yun Qingyan closes his eyes and can imagine the origin of the scratches, the origin of the bones that have been bitten.

The men and women in the coffin are twin siblings. When they were still alive... they were kept alive in the coffin.

When they are alive, they will struggle, and their biggest struggle...

Is constantly holding the coffin with five fingers and the lid of the coffin...

So, from the coffin to the coffin lid are scratches.

They will still be hungry. When they are extremely hungry, the only food... is the other party.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!"

Yun Qingyan keeps breathing, only in this way...he can barely keep his sense!

Reluctantly suppressed the bottom of my heart...the already terrible anger.

"These people are your children, right?" Yun Qingyan's eyes swept across the audience.

"Moreover, it was you who sent them into the coffin by yourself, right? Only when you put them in by yourself can their grievances be maximized!"

"As for Lin Yingying's children, It's because Lin Yingying doesn't want to mutilate her flesh and blood, so there are other ways to die, right?"

When Yun Qingyan asked, he had already lifted the confinement of everyone present.

He wants these people to answer him!

These people don't admit it right away... You can deny it.

Unfortunately, Yun Qingyan did not get an answer.

Faced with his questioning, the villagers present...all were silent.

They all seem to have some more memories, which makes their faces all sad, both ashamed and unable to show one's face.

Only no regrets!


Suddenly, the village head old woman suddenly shouted.

"Yun Qingyan, you don’t understand, you don’t understand anything!"

"We do this because we have faith, for the God we believe in!"


"Sacrificing our children to the gods we believe in is our greatest glory. It is the Good Fortune that we only cultivated for ten generations!"

The village chief old woman finished. , The villagers all around, the shame and the ashamed and unable to show one's face on their faces disappeared in an instant.

Not only that, there is also a strong sense of honor on their faces.

It seems that they have all done something, something very great.

"Yun Qingyan, you are an outsider, you don’t understand our situation at all!"

"Yun Qingyan, do you think that you are on the commanding heights of Virtue, so you are accusing you Us?"

"Everyone in our kind-hearted village is kind-hearted. We took out our flesh and blood, but we just obeyed the will of God!"

"Without us The god of faith, the village of kindness has long ceased to exist, and has long been destroyed by countless demonic beasts in the depths of the barren forest."

"The god we believe in has given us everything, so we naturally have to reciprocate. !"

"And our flesh and blood are not dead, they just returned to God's embrace that's all!"

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