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02865 Chapter Evil!

Yun Qingyan finally knows why they could not spy on their thoughts and key memories before.

If it is normal, they will all live in pain, so with the help of'expert'...

Voluntarily closed the memory!

Closed, can give them painful memories.

Of course, the memory of God has also been sealed.

The'god' behind them does not want the faith of these people all the time.

What the'God' needs is only a critical moment...let them dedicate!

Are these people bad?

Of course it's bad, and it's stupidly bad.

Do these people have a kind side? Have! Everyone needs to be kind.

The only remaining kindness of them, with the help of spells, has been enlarged countless times.

So, when they are normal, they are all kind people who are kind to others.

Why did Yun Qingyan conclude that they only have the only kindness left?

The moment Yun Qingyan came to Shanliang Village, he had never seen anyone working in this village!

There is a river in the village, and the water is clear, but there is not a single fish.

There are fields in the village, overgrown with weeds, and there is no sign of farming.

There is no house in the village that raises poultry, not even a grasshopper.

But they have no shortage of food sources.

Even Kun Peng meat appeared.

Obviously, these people have been raised up.

Their food is a gift from the'God'.

The so-called belief is that the'God' let them put on their shirts to stretch out their hands and open their mouths that's all.

They can take out even their flesh and blood, and they are not simply a belief in'God'.

More, or exchange.

The day when'God' continues to give them clothes to stretch out their hands and open their mouths, that's all.

"This World is an illusion, but I know that you are all real beings."

Yun Qingyan glanced across everyone present, "Today, whether it is you or behind you I will not let go of the evil evil."

"As for you..."

Yun Qingyan said, his eyes swept across every corpse in the coffin.

"Your souls have been refined into evil corpses. The corpses you left behind are purely dead and can only provide a source of power for evil."

"To purify you is the greatest comfort for you."

When Yun Qingyan spoke, his breathing had become rapid.

He has become more and more uncontrollable, and the murderous intention in his heart has already been overwhelmed.

"Although you can't hear what I say now, I still have to say..."

"I, Yun Qingyan, swear by Dao Foundation, I will give you one Fair!"

After saying this, Yun Qingyan finally stopped suppressing his anger at burning the heaven and boiling the sea.

Yun Qingyan hand grasps!

The old woman, the village chief, was taken by him.

Suddenly, all the memories of the old woman's mind appeared in Yun Qingyan's mind.

Every sacrifice ceremony is hosted by this old woman.

Every time, she smiled and persuaded every parent...to send their children into the coffin by herself.

"This is to bring them back to God's embrace. This is their honor, and also your honor."

After saying this, I will ask again, "Is it right?"

Couples who didn’t inquire, at this time often said incoherent words like chicken blood: "Yes... Yes, returning to the embrace of God is the final outcome of every villager in our kind-hearted village."


After the children are put in the coffin, they will not be buried immediately, but hung off the ground......

The author Feng Wu Ji Guang has something to say: Aurora wishes everyone a New Year. I wish you all a healthy body and a beautiful mood in the new year, enough to shake the luck of Glory Crystal!

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