Return of the Divine Emperor Chapter 2868

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No one in Chapter 02867 is qualified!

The people in the good village, except for Lin's still not sure for the time being!

There is no innocent person, each of them is extremely vicious, and committed the evil of heavens cannot tolerate!

The conditions of their Xiantian have been decided, and they cannot be refined into evil corpses.

However, let them experience the pain of the evil corpse refining process.

It is easy for them to die, but it is not fair. In many cases, Death is a relief.

not have the will to live, impossible to ask for death is the greatest pain!

The true justice is A Tooth For A Tooth!

Yun Qingyan has laid an array, these people will be nurtured by baleful aura as long as their lives are at stake...

make them come back to life!

They will bear the pain forever, and at the same time they will be unable to ask for death.

"Lin Yingying, let's go, it's time to see the so-called'god' in Shanliang Village."

Yun Qingyan said, taking Lin Yingying and flying towards the entrance of the village. go with.

The last place of evil corpses is the two stone statues at the entrance of the village.

The entrance of Shanliang Village is still peaceful.

Occasionally when the wind blows, it is also cool and comfortable.

After Yun Qingyan came to the entrance of the village, he stared at the two stone statues at the entrance of the village.

In the stone statue on the left, the girl's corpse is sealed, her soul is already terrifying...

Even Yun Qingyan feels heart palpitations.

The stone statue on the right seals the boy's evil corpse, and its soul is so terrifying that Yun Qingyan is endlessly afraid.

"What are their names?" Yun Qingyan asked.

"Lin Zhi, Lin Tian!" Lin Yingying took a deep breath and said the names of her twin children.

"Lin Zhi is a daughter, Lin Tian's boy?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

These two names sound like boys' names.

"Lin Zhu is the big brother and Lin Tian is the younger sister." Lin Yingying corrected.

Yun Qingyan slightly nodded, his eyes re-looked towards the two stone statues.

"Although you are imprisoned, you can still feel the wind and grass from the outside."

"So, show up!" Yun Qingyan said lightly.

"jié jié jie, ying ying ying, jié jié jie......"

Just as soon as Yun Qingyan's voice fell, two extremely gloomy, terrifying laughter rang.

Heaven and Earth, all around, suddenly became dark, and the wind became raging, with a biting coldness.

Even Yun Qingyan felt a chill at this moment.

" all deserve to die!"

"jié jié Jie, I...I will eat you alive, and bite your flesh while you are alive , Suck your brain!"

Suddenly, countless bloody mists appeared between Heaven and Earth, and Yun Qingyan was wrapped up all at once.

In the blood mist.

Yun Qingyan saw two blood-colored silhouettes of the pipa bone entangled by iron chains.

The scarlet silhouette of a man and a woman.

They don’t look big, but they are more than ten years old.

I can still vaguely see that they all looked pretty when they were alive.

The male delicate and pretty, the facial features are beautiful.

Although the woman is still very young, we can still see the beautiful woman in the making vaguely.

Although Yun Qingyan has no relatives with them, but seeing them who should have a bright future become what they are now...

I still feel unbearable!

I feel upset for them! unfair!

No one is qualified to deprive others of their lives, no one is qualified to deprive others of their future!

No one is qualified!

"Do you get justice back?" Yun Qingyan took a deep breath.

"You have been refined into evil corpses for more than ten years. This ten years is only the time determined by my appearance!"

"Although you are already cold-blooded, I have long lost myself and become bloodthirsty, but I are all unhappy! All are unwilling!"

"Before, no one could give you justice! But now I appear, I I will do everything to give you justice!"

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