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Everything in Chapter 02869 is fake!

Yun Qingyan now knows more and more about this World.

Don't look at the outside of the village, there are dangers all over it, even the demonic beast of Divine Venerable Realm... it feels like a lot of hairs.

But the actual situation is that all of this is fake, it's a blind trick, and it's part of an illusion.

Not surprisingly, the world of'Tianlitang' was created by Tianjue empress.

But it is not a creation from nothing.

If you guessed correctly, Tianjue empress stumbled upon this place called Shanliang Village.

Tianjue empress jealous like hatred, justice to...extreme temperament.

After discovering the good village, he will definitely be very angry.

Therefore, Tianjue empress moved everyone in the good village and the surrounding environment of the good village to the illusion she created.

Tianjue empress is empress after all, one of the people standing on the God World pinnacle.

The world she created is full of crises...Naturally, it cannot be Ordinary.

So, the Divine Venerable Realm demonic beast, which is as numerous as a cow, appeared.

The original good village was also in a barren forest, and the barren forest all around was full of crises and ominous beasts everywhere.

However, the cultivation base is not very ominous beast.

Yun Qingyan estimates that the evil man who controls the good village... should be a Heavenly God, not even the Divine King.

Tell me the simplest example.

The annual banquet prepared by Shanliang Village for Yun Qingyan included Kun Peng of Divine Venerable Realm.

Yun Qingyan ate Kun Peng meat, but the cultivation base did not grow at all.

This is impossible in the real world.

For another example, Shanliang Village still has a source of divine force weighing hundreds of catties.

This source of divine force is enough to make Yun Qingyan from the gods... in one fell swoop.

If the source of the divine force is true, the evil spirit hiding behind the good village...has already been refining by itself.

Yun Qingyan guesses that the source of divine force is true, but it should be the source of divine force with very low quality.

Don't say Yun Qingyan is not good at it, even Deity may not be good at it.

It's like gold, and the worldly people like it, right?

But gold is also divided into large and small pieces. Gold is as small as dust... but it has no value.

Yun Qingyan feels that the quality of the source of divine force is pure and weighs several hundred catties...

Because his perception and vision have been deceived.

"Finally come back!"

At this moment, Yun Qingyan looked towards the primordial wild forest outside the village entrance.

A light and shadow are flying rapidly from the depths of the barren forest.

There are countless ominous beasts chasing after Guangying, but as Guangying approaches the good village...

Those chasing ominous beasts also put down their steps and then dispersed.

As the light and shadow approach, you can see that this is a person who looks exactly like Yun Qingyan.

This light and shadow is not someone else, it is Yun Qingyan's Clone Body.

As early as when he first came to Shanliang Village, Yun Qingyan secretly separated a Clone Body to explore this primordial wild forest.

Yun Qingyan got the answer he wanted.

With the kindness village as the center!

East, South, West, and North have ends, and the end is only more than 100,000 miles.

The end is not land, not ocean, nor Desert.

It is nothing but nothingness.

This verifies Yun Qingyan's guess that this World is an illusion, and everything here is created by Tianjue empress.

"Now do you believe that I can give you invincibility?"

Yun Qingyan spoke again, the breath of the gods directly enveloped the evil corpses siblings.

Evil corpse siblings are very scary, even Yun Qingyan feels heart palpitations.

But this is not true...

Their real realm is impossible to surpass the gods.

Including the evil creatures hiding behind, it is also impossible to surpass the gods.

Unexpectedly, Yun Qingyan's evil spirit hiding behind...

The true cultivation base is not as good as the evil corpses they refine.

It's just that he has a secret technique that can control that's all.

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