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Chapter 02871 is she an evil evildoer?

Lin Yingying is unpopular in Shanliang Village, and is even a street mouse that everyone spurns on.

Especially the female relatives of Shanliang Village hate Lin Yingying with gnashing teeth.

In such an environment, Lin Yingying has lived to this day.

"Lin Yingying, you are the god of the good village... right?" Yun Qingyan looked directly at Lin Yingying.

"I don't know, I don't know..."

"It hurts, my head hurts..."

Lin Yingying screamed with both hands He hugged his head harder.

Yun Qingyan looked at Lin Yingying, his eyes became colder and colder.

Among the vicious people Yun Qingyan has met, Lin Yingying is definitely in the forefront!

Tiger poison still doesn't eat seeds!

Lin Yingying not only refines the heirs of other people in the village into evil corpses...

Even her own flesh and blood!

"Ah..." Just then, Lin Yingying screamed again.

"I was the one who killed Lin Zhi, I was the one who killed Lin Tian, ​​I was the one who killed them, it was me..."

Lin Yingying, who was originally just holding her head, suddenly Kneeling on the ground.

There was desperate pain on her face.

This kind of pain is not physical pain, but soul pain.

"Why lie to me, why lie to me, why..."

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yingying yelled again, obviously yelling into the air, but People's feelings... but they are questioning who.

"Why do you lie to me, why..."

"They are all my dearest relatives, who are my closest relatives in this World, you...why are you deceiving Me!"

Lin Yingying's eyes were red, and blood and tears kept rolling out of her eyes.

"Mother, we don't blame me, we don't blame me at all..."

"Mother, don't be sad, we really don't blame you, don't be sad, don't..."

Evil corpse siblings Lin Zhi and Lin Tian yelled when they saw Lin Yingying's appearance.

At this time, although they have not been removed from the prohibition, they have already recovered 70% to 80% of their rationality.

"Could it be a double-sided personality?" Yun Qingyan saw this scene, and doubts flashed in his eyes.

The so-called double-faced personality refers to a person having two personalities.

These two personalities are like two people.

"Lin Yingying must die whether it is a double-sided personality or not!"

"Otherwise, how can I give justice to those who died!"

Yun Qingyan muttered in a low voice, and behind him appeared a sharp sword formed by hundreds of Qi Jin.

Lin Yingying is the evil evil behind the good village!

Of course, this Lin Yingying may be... another personality, another personality of Lin Yingying.

This also explains why Lin Yingying blamed herself for harming two children.

At the same time, he was yelling, "Why lie to me?"

"No, don't shoot at our mother..."

After seeing hundreds of sharp swords appearing behind Yun Qingyan, the evil corpse siblings couldn't help but screamed out.

"Outsider, this has nothing to do with you!"

"Stop, you stop us, we don't need you to uphold any justice!"

Siblings Not only asked Yun Qingyan not to be nosy, but also shot at Yun Qingyan.

The breath of Blood Fiend in the sky once again swept across the entire film of Heaven and Earth.

Although they were all locked in the pipa bone, they still blasted a terrorist attack to Yun Qingyan.

Yun Qingyan did not respond, but was lightly snorted, breaking through the attacks from two brothers.

He killed Lin Yingying, not just to give justice to one or two people.

"Lin Tian, ​​let's join hands!" The boy evil corpse looked towards his younger sister.

"Nether Soul unite, get rid of the shackles!"

Next moment, the two brothers loudly shouted, and they both turned into scarlet lights and shadows, and merged into one body in midair.

The chain that locked their pipa bone was torn off at this brief moment.

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