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Chapter 02872 is not her, but someone else!

After the siblings are combined, their souls have grown thousands of times.

The blood-colored soul body covers most of the sky.

"The sea of ​​fog is vast..."

The terrifying blood mist swept towards Yun Qingyan, enveloping Yun Qingyan in an instant.

"The illusion is sinking!"

This blood mist has a strong hypnotic effect.

At the moment of being wrapped, Yun Qingyan felt sleepy.

If you change to someone who is not firm enough, you may fall asleep instantly...

and then sink into the illusion.

And Yun Qingyan, just a single thought, wakes up from sleepiness.

"How can this level of illusion be effective for me!"

Yun Qingyan said, the horrible Buddha's radiance appeared on his body, instantly purifying the blood mist in the sky.


Yun Qingyan's eyebrows condensed, because he found that Lin Yingying was missing.

"Lin Zu, Lin Tian, ​​you are also victims, so I don't want to take action against you!"

"But if you still insist on protecting the evil, then don' I t blame me for being impolite!"

For the first time, Yun Qingyan showed coldness to the evil corpses siblings.

In a short time, Lin Yingying wanted to escape his Divine Consciousness range, which was impossible.

The only explanation is that Lin Yingying was hidden by the siblings.

"She is our mother!"

"Not the evil in your mouth!"

After the corpse siblings are combined, they can also send out two different sound.

"Is it evil? It's not you who have the final say!" Yun Qingyan shot, and shot at the evil corpse siblings.

The' 卍' shaped Buddha seal, carrying Buddha's radiance all over the sky, patted the siblings of the evil corpse.


In the face of the Buddha seal, instinctive fear emerged in their hearts.

Buddha's radiance is the nemesis of all evils, and even more how is the Buddha seal formed by the convergence of Buddha's radiance.

hong long long ……

Above the heights, there was a terrifying explosion, and the siblings of the corpses were scattered directly.

The soul bodies of the two of them all became thin and transparent, as if a gust of wind could blow them away.

Yun Qingyan still keep his hands.

Otherwise, the Buddha seal just now is enough for them to destroy both body and soul.

Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, the silhouette of Lin Yingying reappeared.

At this time, she is still huddled in place.

However, the barrier covering her body disappeared.

"Son Yun, kill me, kill me..."

"Although I did not harm Lin Zhi and Lin Tian's heart, they have become what they are today It looks like it was indeed caused by me..."

Lin Yingying looked towards Yun Qingyan immediately, not only not begging for mercy, but also begging for death.

Yun Qingyan also really saw the desire to die in her eyes.

Yun Qingyan did not pity, "Since you even beg you to die, then I will fulfill you!"

Yun Qingyan's hands suddenly appeared in a ball of flames.

The mysterious Thunder Fire in the color of lightning.


Even if the soul and body become indifferent, they may die at any time.

Seeing that Lin Yingying was about to die, she still screamed instinctively.

Yun Qingyan hesitated slightly, but stopped the Xuanyin Thunder Fire in his hand.

The evil corpse siblings are already in a stage of extreme weakness.

If you kill Lin Yingying yourself at this time, it will inevitably cause extreme fluctuations in their emotions...

Their soul will be lost.

"Mother, it's this time, why do you protect him..."

"Mother, we don't blame you, we really don't blame you, but...we There is also hatred, we can’t wait to eat his meat and drink his blood."

"Mother, it's this time, why do you still protect him, why!"

The words of corpse siblings made Yun Qingyan pick his eyebrows slightly.

Could it be that he guessed wrong, Lin Yingying does not talk about dual personality, the real evil is still hiding behind?

At this time, the evil corpse siblings suddenly said to Yun Qingyan: "Young Master, the person you are looking for is our father, and he is hiding..."

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