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Chapter 02873 is she the object of refining?

Before she finished speaking, Lin Yingying suddenly stared at them as if she had changed.

"Shut up, you guys!"

"Lin Zhi, Lin Tian, ​​do you two siblings really want to kill me?"

The words fall, Lin Yingying suddenly slammed into the stone lion who had imprisoned Lin Zhi.

However, Yun Qingyan a single thought imprisoned Lin Yingying.

"Young Master, our mother is also a victim, and she suffers more than anyone else!"

"Young Master, you can’t let our mother die, She is the ultimate goal of Zhang Eqiao!"

Although the souls of the corpse siblings became indifferent, they still insisted on saying:

"Zhang Eqiao’s true purpose , Instead of refining the evil corpse, what he wants to refine is the mother evil, the mother evil of the mother of the evil corpse!"

"Once my mother dies, she will become the mother evil, when the time comes Zhang Eqiao can get out of trouble with Mother Sha."

"It is a real escape, leaving this illusion world!"

The words of Sha corpse siblings made Yun Qingyan's eyes unconscious. Dignified down.

Hiding behind Zhang Eqiao, what he planned... turned out to be to get rid of the world under the empress of Tianjue.

But Mother Sha, Yun Qingyan has heard of it for the first time.

"Young Master, Zhang Eqiao hides in the good village, but we don’t know what he embodies."

"Young Master only kills Zhang Eqiao, everything can It will be over, and before this...you must save our mother's life."

The corpse siblings didn't reveal everything they knew until then.

After being imprisoned by Tian Jue empress to the fantasy world, Zhang Eqiao never stopped thinking of breaking free.

And the idea of ​​refining Mother Sha was born.

By the way, the concept of Mother Sha was proposed by Zhang Eqiao himself...

It is still in theory.

However, after countless years of groping, Zhang Eqiao is confident that she can refine the mother evil.

He made his child...that is, Lin Zhi and Lin Tian into evil corpses, the biggest purpose is to stimulate Lin Yingying.

Zhang Eqiao deceived Lin Yingying at that time, saying that by making Lin Zhi and Lin Tian into evil corpses, they could return their souls to the real world.

Lin Yingying has blind trust in Zhang Eqiao.

So to cooperate... Lin Zhi and Lin Tian were refined into evil corpses.

Furthermore, it was the purpose of the whole process. Lin Zhi and Lin Tian endured the intense pain.

Although Lin Yingying couldn't bear it, she thought, as long as he survived this stage...

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian would be able to return to the normal world.

But at the moment when Lin Zhi and Lin Tian were made into evil corpses, Zhang Eqiao suddenly changed his face.

And tell Lin Yingying that Lin Zhi and Lin Tian are impossible to return to the normal world.

Two siblings have been refined by him into...the most terrifying corpse.

Lin Yingying was naturally desperate at this time and fell into endless self-blame.

At this time, Zhang Eqiao only needs to trick Lin Yingying into committing suicide...

Lin Yingying can be turned into a mother evil.

Mother Sha that surpasses all Sha corpses.

The reason why Zhang Eqiao’s plan was not realized was that suddenly an outsider like Yun Qingyan appeared.

According to what Lin Zhi and Lin Tian said, the last outsider who entered here... was 900,000 years ago.

That outsider has a cultivation base as much as Yun Qingyan.

But that outsider, unlike Yun Qingyan, explores to the end.

After he suspected Lin Yingying, he was furious... directly killed Lin Yingying.

And let Lin Yingying destroy both body and soul.

As a result, she has no chance to become a mother evil.

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