Return of the Divine Emperor Chapter 2875

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Everything in Chapter 02874 will be pushed back!

Yun Qingyan eyebrow slightly frowned.

According to siblings, there is an obvious loophole.

Since Lin Yingying has destroyed both body and soul, what happened to Lin Yingying in front of him?

Yun Qingyan doesn't think that Zhang Eqiao has the ability to resurrect a person who destroys both body and soul.

"Young Master is puzzled. Our mother destroyed both body and soul 900,000 years ago. What's the matter with Lin Yingying in front of me?"

big brother Lin Zhi, seeming to see Yun Qingyan's doubts, couldn't help but speak again.

"Not bad!" Yun Qingyan nodded.

"The answer is actually very simple, this is a fantasy world, everything will be pushed back."

When Lin Zhi spoke, he looked at Yun Qingyan, "Of course , This push to start again refers to after you leave this World."

"Since it is pushed to start again, why do you have memories?" Yun Qingyan is still puzzled.

Lin Zhi didn't speak, he just looked at Yun Qingyan, his eyes seemed to say again, you already know this question.

Yun Qingyan thought slightly, and then came to understand.

Obviously, Tianjue empress is to punish and torture the people in the kind-hearted village.

Since it was to torture them, it is natural to give them back the memory.

It's like Yun Qingyan, the punishment for the people in the good village is...

Let them experience the pain of being refined into evil corpses.

"Young Master, since you want to be fair for us, then please do...kill Zhang Eqiao for us!"

Lin Zhi took a deep breath and said: "As long as we kill him, we can truly get free."

Lin Tian also followed up at this time and said: "Zhang Eqiao will not die, everything will come again, at that time...Young Master what you did Everything is in vain!"

Yun Qingyan slightly nodded, and said: "You just said that Zhang Eqiao is in Shanliang Village?"

"Not bad!"

Lin Zhi nodded and said: "But his Myriad Transformations may be transformed into anything."

Confirm Zhang Eqiao, just after Shanliang Village, Yun Qingyan’s Divine Consciousness is covered The whole kindness village.

Divine Consciousness was released this time, which is different from the past.

Every item in Yun Qingyan Divine Consciousness, Yun Qingyan turned upside down.

Even if it is a stone, Yun Qingyan will not let go of a dust.

"No, it's not..."

"Not here, not..."

Yun Qingyan dug the ground ten feet and turned it over. Yun Qingyan still did not find any suspicious targets.

"I must have overlooked something..." Yun Qingyan muttered in his heart, falling into a brief contemplation.

"Will there be such a possibility, Zhang Eqiao is also a soul..."

Thinking of this, Yun Qingyan asked the evil corpse siblings, "Zhang Eqiao is The soul form is still alive?"

"Soul form." The evil corpse siblings said in unison.

"Even if Zhang Eqiao succeeded in refining Mother Sha, he could only escape from this World with his soul."

"So long ago, he abandoned Fleshy body." Lin resistance replied.

Is the soul form...

Yun Qingyan muttered in a low voice, then changed his mind to think.

If he was Zhang Eqiao, where would he hide his soul?

After a while, Yun Qingyan's eyes flashed a cold light.

He thought of a place.

When he came to Shanliang Village, he was arranged to live in the attic.

The whole kindness village is under the control of Zhang Eqiao.

My outsider suddenly visited, Zhang Eqiao’s first thing to do must be to observe...or to understand himself.

I was invited to live in the attic at the time. Does that mean... Zhang Eqiao was hiding in the attic?

Only in this way can Zhang Eqiao observe himself most directly.

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