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Chapter 02875 has been watching the show Tian Jue empress!

Real world, Holy Land, a Secret Realm.

An aloof and remote empress is looking at the world in the copper mirror.

All the experiences of Yun Qingyan in the fantasy world are fully presented in the copper mirror.

"Feng Shenyu, it's really interesting..."

The empress of aloof and remote, a sneer curled up at the corner of his mouth, "If it weren't for Tianlitang, even the loneliness would be deceived by you." Now."

Yun Qingyan came to Tianjue. The identity of Holy Land is Fengshen Yu, a direct descendant of the Chaos Ancient Dragon.

In order to make Yun Qingyan's identity more realistic, Divine Emperor even melted a drop of the blood essence of the Chaos Ancient Dragon in Yun Qingyan's body.

But Yun Qingyan or Divine Emperor, I never expected...

After entering the illusion world of Tianlitang, Yun Qingyan would lose part of his memory.

This part of the memory is why he appeared in the fantasy world.

I also forgot that he came to Tianjue Holy Land as a direct descendant of the Chaos Ancient Dragon, Feng Shenyu.

So in the fantasy world, Yun Qingyan subconsciously uses his real name.

"It's really infatuation. I don't hesitate to change my face and come to the lonely Holy Land to find a lover."

"Unfortunately, your lover is now called Li Hanying." Empress of aloof and remote Talk to himself.

She is no one else, she is the founder of Tianjue Holy Land...Tianjue empress!


Tianjue empress said to the vacuum.

"Your Excellency!" Two black shadows appear out of thin air, kneeling in front of Tian Jue empress.

The two shadows both have a gods cultivation base.

But one has a long tail, and the other has horns on the back of the head...

They all show that they are not humans.

"Go and invite Saintess over." Tian Jue empress indifferently said.


The two shadows disappeared again.

"Guying in the cold river, a passerby in the rivers and lakes, Yun Qingyan, ah Yun Qingyan, now Li Ranzhu...is no longer your wife." Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

"Of course, she is no longer the daughter of the Emperor Divine Emperor."

It was less than half a minute.

A silhouette of peerless grace and elegance appears out of thin air above the great hall.

Divine Venerable Realm is different from the two Divine Venerable Realm.

This silhouette of peerless grace and elegance did not kneel in the face of Tianjue's empress.

"What is the Master summoning?" said the silhouette of peerless grace and elegance.

She has calm eyes, and although there is no coldness on her body, she gives people a feeling of rejection from beyond a thousand li.

"Have you heard recently that someone is rushing to Tianlitang?" Tianjue empress asked with interest.

"Yes." The identity of peerless grace and elegance indifferently said.

"This person is Yun Qingyan." Tian Jue empress faintly said.

The silhouette of peerless grace and elegance, without any emotion on his face, still said in a tranquil voice: "If nothing happens, he is here to find dísciple."

"En." Tianjue emphasize nodded.

"The Divine Emperor already knows that you have become the Saintess of the Holy Land, which is the solitary dísciple."

"Yun Qingyan wants to see you, the best way is through Solitary. To see the solitary, it is the most straightforward way to go to Tianlitang."

The silhouette of peerless grace and elegance, without any reaction, just stood quietly.

For Yun Qingyan, her emotions did not fluctuate at all.

"Hanyan, do you think Yun Qingyan can break through Tianli Hall?" Tian Jue empress asked suddenly.

"Yes." The silhouette of peerless grace and elegance said without hesitation.

"Perhaps a perfect break?" Tianjue empress said again.

"Yes!" The silhouette of peerless grace and elegance still did not hesitate to say.

"Do you believe in him that way?" Tianjue empress couldn't help but be surprised.

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