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Chapter 02876 because he is Yun Qingyan!

Since the establishment of Tianlitang, no one has been able to pass it perfectly.

There is one thing that only a few people know.

That is the guard of Tianjue empress, each of them has broken through the Tianli Hall.

And the first qualification to become a guardian is...

You must have a god cultivation base.

Tianjue empress has a total of ten guards.

These ten guards, before they become guards, all have the cultivation base of the gods.

With their Divine Venerable Realm's cultivation base, they didn't have a perfect time to go to heaven.

Li Ranzhu...No, it should be said that Li Hanying is right. Where does she have confidence that Yun Qingyan can pass it perfectly?

"He is Yun Qingyan." Li Hanying said indifferently.

She said this, obviously admired Yun Qingyan extremely, but when she said this...

There was no emotional fluctuation in her heart.

Li Ran...Li Hanying doesn't know the specific situation of Tianlitang.

What she knows is that since the establishment of Tianlitang, no one has ever successfully broken through it.

Even the ten guards of Tianjue empress are not available.

But so what.

If others can't, it doesn't mean that Yun Qingyan can't.

In Dongfang Yu Zhou, Yun Qingyan was synonymous with miracles.

"He is very good." Li Hanying said again indifferently.

"He is the best person I have ever seen."

"Oh?" There was a slight accident in Tian Jue empress's eyes. She didn't expect it, Li Hanying did. Yun Qingyan's evaluation will be as high as this level.

The best person!

In other words...no one.


In the fantasy world of Tianlitang.

Yun Qingyan took Lin Yingying and the soul of the evil corpse siblings to the outside of an attic.

The original quaint attic, now inexplicably exudes a gloomy feeling.

You know, it's nowhere at this time.

There is also a sun in the illusion world, and the warm sun shrouds the entire land at this time.

The attic is also bathed in sunlight.

Yun Qingyan has carefully inspected every place in the attic. He has not attached to any table, chair, bed or cabinet, nor attached to any brick or tile.

However, standing outside the attic at this time, Yun Qingyan looked like a bamboo in his chest.

After telling him from the evil corpse siblings that Zhang Eqiao was in the form of soul, he guessed that Zhang Eqiao was hiding behind the attic.

Yun Qingyan already knows where Zhang Eqiao is in the attic.

"Young Master, did you find Zhang Eqiao's hiding place?"

Lin Zhi, the big brother in the siblings, saw Yun Qingyan's confident look Could not help asking.

Yun Qingyan did not answer the call, but it was nodded.

"Zhang Eqiao is on the Formation Law, but it has several points of ability. Since I can deceive my Divine Consciousness by the power of Tianjue empress."

The attic in front of me, and Not a real loft, but a loft transformed from the soul of Zhang Eqiao.

Under normal circumstances, this is the Divine Consciousness of Yun Qingyan.

The great thing about Zhang Eqiao is that he uses...World Strength in the illusion.

He melted his soul into a part of the fantasy world.

In this case, unless someone can see through the illusion...understand the entire illusion world.

Otherwise, no one will find him, he is incarnate in the attic in front of him.

Yun Qingyan did not see through the falsehood, the reason is simple, he is too far away from the realm of Tian Jue empress.

The distance on the realm is doomed to Yun Qingyan impossible to see the illusion under the embossed world.

Yun Qingyan knew that this attic was transformed by Zhang Eqiao...

It was inferred from many clues.

Yun Qingyan thoughts move, and took out eight flags from the space ring.

Next moment, eight flags flew out, covering the attic.

An invisible Formation Law takes shape in an instant.

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