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Chapter 02880 empress, let’s make a deal!


A self-deprecating color appeared on Lin Zhi's face, "Young Master, do you think we are in Zhang Eqiao's hands and have the ability to resist?"

Yun Qingyan shook the head said: "I am not asking if you have the ability to resist, but if you have ever thought of resisting."

Yun Qingyan's purpose is very simple, he thought I know whether Lin Zhan Lin Tian siblings has been passive, or he is thinking about...

"...Moved several times." Lin Ziao said after a long silence.

"The first time was when the younger sister was refined the evil corpse, and the second time was when Zhang Eqiao wanted to refine our mother into the mother evil."

Speaking of this, Lin Zhi looked towards Yun Qingyan, "The third time, it was before, when you wanted to kill my mother."

Yun Qingyan wanted to kill Lin Yingying, why was Lin Zhi Classify as the third resistance?

That's because Yun Qingyan killed Lin Yingying, which was also in Zhang Eqiao's plan.

It was Yun Qingyan who did it, but Zhang Eqiao was the one who planned it.

"I see." Yun Qingyan slightly nodded.

A cold feeling that naked eye can't see, once again rippled out of Yun Qingyan.

As if you don’t even need time, this coldness covers the entire skull illusory shadow.

At this time, Yun Qingyan suddenly raised his head and looked towards Xu Kong, Yun Qingyan's gaze...

It seemed to be looking at each other.

Across this piece of Xu Kong, look at people from another world.

"Are you watching, right?"

Yun Qingyan suddenly said, "Are you watching, right? Tianjueempress!"

Real world, heaven Absolutely Holy Land, in a Secret Realm.

In the eyes of Tianjue empress, unexpected expression can not help but appear.

Li Ran...Li Hanying's face was calm, and she was not surprised by Yun Qingyan's words.

"Everyone in this world deserves to die. The villagers of the good village are Lin Yingying, and Zhang Eqiao is the sinner of the instigator."

"But you are not sure about one. Is it right?"

When Yun Qingyan said this, he withdrew his gaze from Xu Kong and moved to Lin Ziao and Lin Tian siblings.

"You are not sure whether Lin Zhi and Lin Tian should kill, right?"

"This illusion was created when your anger had not dissipated. You meant it I just want to forever torture everyone in the kind-hearted village."

"But the birth of Lin Zhi and Lin Tian siblings is out of your expectation, and you are not sure...Is this innocent to the siblings. "

"So, you let this World continue to exist, and you also set up the Tianlitang, letting one person after another to explore the truth of the source for you."

"But It's a pity that even if you arrange for the gods to enter this illusion, they haven't been able to give you...feeling answers!" What Yun Qingyan said was that Tianjue empress felt the answer.

Obviously, Tian Jue empress thought in his heart that Lin Zhi and Lin Tian had problems with the two siblings.

But because it's just a sensible answer...

So Tian Jue empress, and has not dealt with Lin Zhi and Lin Tian siblings for a long time.

"Of course..."

At this time, Yun Qingyan suddenly said: "As an empress, you really want an answer. It is an insignificant little thing."

"For example, you make another move to spy on the deepest thoughts of everyone in this World."

"For simpler example, you directly search for Zhang Eqiao alone The soul is fine."

"I was wondering before, why not do this. Of course, I was talking about the doubts before."

Now Yun Qingyan, of course It solved all the doubts.

Including Zhang Eqiao’s purpose, including Tian Jue’s concerns about empress, and whether Lin Zhi and Lin Tian’s siblings are innocent.

"Tianjue empress, let's make a deal." Yun Qingyan suddenly said quietly.

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