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02881 Zhang Tianjue empress did something wrong!

Real world, Holy Land, a Secret Realm.

Tian Jue empress sitting quietly on the big chair of the high platform, suddenly looked towards Li Ran below...Li Hanying, said, "Hanyan, you think Yun Qingyan wants to make a deal with Gu."

"No accident, his purpose is related to the discipline." Li Hanying calmly said, "As for his bargaining chip, it should be to give the Master the answer he wants."

Li Hanying followed Tianjue empress, nothing mentioned... Tianjue empress why not ask for an answer yourself.


After Yun Qingyan's question fell, a deafening thunder suddenly sounded in the fantasy world.

Yun Qingyan's mouth, a faint smile flashed.

It's sunny now, and it's daytime. Naturally, the sound of thunder is not a natural phenomenon.

This is Tianjue empress responding to him.

As for whether to agree or refuse, it doesn't matter anymore.

Yun Qingyan continued to look at Xu Kong, as if he was really looking at Tianjue empress.

"You are an empress, an aloof and remote empress comparable to the Divine Emperor. In your eyes, Zhang Eqiao is nothing but a stinking Stinking Insect."

" But Zhang Eqiao doesn’t think so. Even if he has been imprisoned in the illusion you created, he still doesn’t think he is just a Stinking Insect."

"Zhang Eqiao always wants to compete with you, even if Knowing that he will lose to you in the end, he doesn't think he is a Stinking Insect, but you...Tianjue empress's opponent!"

"So even if you want to know whether Lin Zhi and Lin Tian Innocent, you will not end up personally. This not only lowers your value, but also complies with Zhang Eqiao's intention."

"The dirty, stinking Stinking Insect attracts aloof and remote Tianjue empress made two shots, which is a great honor for Stinking Insect."

Zhang Eqiao's heart is already deformed.

Moreover, he is in an unsolvable predicament, waiting for his end to be doomed long ago.

But because the ending was already doomed, Zhang Eqiao had...other ideas besides getting out of trouble.

For example, Yintianjue empress comes to an end again.

Enable an empress who sits on an equal footing with the Divine Emperor to attack him for the second time...

Isn't this an achievement, is it not an honor?

"empress, my request is very simple, give me an identity, an identity that can live with Li Hanying grandiosely."

"My reward for you is also very simple, untie it. One... from time to time it will be disgusting to your doubts."

When Yun Qingyan spoke, the silhouette had risen into the air, free of the skull illusory shadow.

Yun Qingyan looks at the ground below, both eyes are blooming with golden light, if someone can see Yun Qingyan’s pupils at this time, he will find that his two pupils, whether there is a pattern of'卍' .

At this time, in Yun Qingyan's eyes, the illusory shadow of the skull has become a middle age person in his fifties.

The height of the middle age person is about 1.7 meters. If the fleshy body is alive... the weight should be about one hundred and forty catties.

The face of the middle age person is very bad, giving people a gloomy and cruel feeling.

At the same time, Yun Qingyan also saw his fate.

He is entwined with countless bad luck, which is the retribution of doing evil things.

A person like him, even if Tian Jue empress releases him, sooner or later, he will end up tragically.

There is a saying in the world: Heavenly Dao has Lun Hui, who is forgiven by the sky.

Many times, good and evil are not not reported, but the time has not come.

Even if Zhang Eqiao did not encounter Tianjue empress, he would encounter others who could punish him.

"Tianjue empress actually did something wrong." Yun Qingyan said abruptly.

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