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Chapter 02883 will never have another chance!

When people are born, they are all a blank sheet of paper. The biggest difference is the good and bad temper, the quick and slow temperament.

As for being a good person or being a bad person, it is all acquired.

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian, ​​as Zhang Eqiao’s children, want to be good people...

The probability is almost zero.

However, Zhang Eqiao did not just cultivate them as a vicious and merciless person.

Because raising a bad guy who can be seen by everyone does not help Zhang Eqiao achieve his goal.

So Zhang Eqiao taught them to pretend to be a good person. When they pretend to be a good person for a long time...

They will even think that they are a good person.

When Yun Qingyan was in Immortal World, he had seen two hostile forces. They both planted rapes in each other's camp.

But this traitor, before being placed in the opponent's camp, how did they receive an education to be loyal to... the opponent's camp.

Ninety-nine percent of loyalty, and the remaining one percent of anti-bones...

It will only be highlighted at critical moments.

In most of the time, the internal traitor regards himself as the backbone of this force, and must swear to serve this force.

After a long time, the insider will no longer regard himself as an insider, and even lied to himself. Isn’t it simple to lie to other people?

The internal traitors of both sides are very good, one sat in the position of the heir of the opponent's camp, and one climbed to the core high-level position of the opponent's camp.

These are two irreconcilable forces, and the final result of their fight is both sides suffer.

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian, ​​from a certain perspective, are traitors.

Ninety percent of their time, they are both good people and victims.

But once they face a critical time, their nature will appear.

They are very clear about their mission, the mission that has been implanted in the bone marrow since childhood.

That's getting out of trouble!

Because they left the fantasy world, it is equivalent to the game between Zhang Eqiao and Tianjue empress...

Zhang Eqiao won.

Of course, this'game' is Zhang Eqiao's self-righteousness.

Tianjue empress won't put down her body and go to a game with an evil that she can crush to death by a single thought.

"Lin Zhi, Lin Tian, ​​if you don't make any moves, there will be no chance." Yun Qingyan looked at Lin Ziao and Lin Tian with cold eyes.

At this time, their lower body has been ignited by Xuanyin Thunder Fire, and the flame has a tendency to spread to the upper body.

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian are still screaming constantly, each of them is terrible.

"Yun Qingyan, you are crazy, you are really crazy. Even Tian Jue empress is not sure whether Lin Zhi and Lin Tian are guilty, so you rashly shot them..."

"Yun Qingyan, stop quickly, otherwise you will be buried with us!" Zhang Eqiao shouted hysterically.

"It seems that the key to whether they make a move is on you." Yun Qingyan moved his gaze to Zhang Eqiao who was strangling his neck.

Yun Qingyan’s eyes are playful, "If you can kill me, you still have a chance to comeback, but if you don’t make a move, you won’t have this chance at all."

Upon Yun Qingyan's death, Zhang Eqiao's outcome was the exposure of Lin Zhi and Lin Tian's siblings.

This is of course a very bad result.

But there is also a glimmer of survival......

That is the illusion world, and it is possible to push it all over again.

Of course, it's just possible...

Because of the specifics, it depends on the mood of Tianjue's empress.

But Yun Qingyan is not dead, then Zhang Eqiao will never have another chance.

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