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Chapter 02885 I am not obligated to collect the endgame for you!

"But I am different. I was a mortal when I was born, so I have seen the purest good people. Some of them have no cultivation base, some are even at the bottom of society, but these people are kind-hearted. It makes people think that they are fools and idiots."

"I have also seen the purest villains. They are sinister, cunning, slippery, and ingenious...Almost all vicious words can be used on them. From the moment they were born, these people have been for Destruction, for Ruin, and for doing evil things that are utterly conscientious."

"For example, you Zhang Eqiao, as long as you don’t know how many tens of thousands of years ago. , Just raise people as livestock for your cultivation."

"For example, your direct descendants Lin Zhi and Lin Tian, ​​they have done evil in these years, compared to you, I’m afraid that you have had it."

" Nothing less."

Yun Qingyan's tone is calm.

However, Li Ranzhu in the real world can feel Yun Qingyan's anger and murderous intention through the copper mirror...

Repressed to the extreme.

At this moment, Yun Qingyan's eyes have narrowed into a line.

"Han Ying, is Yun Qingyan accusing the loneliness?" Tian Jue empress said coldly.

Tianjue empress naturally knows that Yun Qingyan this remark...actually said it to her.

"I know him with dísciple, yes!" Li Ran...Li Hanying said indifferently.

"The world of Tianlitang is an illusion, and everyone who is locked in it is also a person who deserves to die and kill."

"But there are also innocent people in it. Hundreds of pairs...The people who are refined into evil corpses are innocent. They are destined to have a heavy life from the moment they are born."

Speaking of this, Li Hanying couldn't help but look at Tian Jue. Empress glanced at it, "And the Master is watching this scene with cold eyes, isn't it?"

In the fantasy world of Tianlitang.

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian, ​​the silhouettes have volleyed into the air, comparable to the imposing manner of the gods, and overwhelmingly pressured Yun Qingyan.

Yun Qingyan stubbornly supported his body, staring coldly at Lin Zhi's two siblings.

Abruptly, Yun Qingyan loosened...the hand that strangled Zhang Eqiao’s neck.

Zhang Eqiao couldn't help being surprised, and then sneaked and silhouette flew out.

Flew to the side of Lin Zhi's two siblings.

"Lin Yingying, continue to pretend to be weak, is it interesting?" Yun Qingyan looked towards again...like an invisible person, Lin Yingying who has been watching the theater on the ground.

"jié jié Jie, Son Yun has good eyesight!" Lin Yingying's mouth showed a penetrating smile.

Then he flew into the air, standing side by side with Lin Zhi and the others.

"If I guessed correctly, even you two will end up with food, right?" Yun Qingyan said again.

"jié jié Jie, since you guessed it, you dare to let me out of trouble?" Zhang Eqiao sneered.

"Yun Qingyan, push us to this step, you can go to death."

Zhang Eqiao tone barely fell, and the silhouettes of Lin Zhi and Lin Tian suddenly disappeared.

next moment.

boom~ boom~ boom...

In midair, there is a staggered silhouette.

Yun Qingyan and Lin Zhi and Lin Tian got together, as if they didn't even need time, most of the sky was turned into ruins.

This World, after all, is not the real world, the spatial structure...How could it be possible to endure the fierce battle of the three.

At the same time that the space was shattering countless, Yun Qingyan spit out a big mouthful of blood, and the silhouette was knocked out.

Yun Qingyan did not wipe the blood on the corners of his mouth after steadying the silhouette, but said lightly: "Is it enough to watch the show?"

"The current situation is all You did it with one hand, and I have no obligation to clean up the mess for you."

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