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The 02887 chapter test results!

Yun Qingyan looked directly at Tianjue empress, indifferently said: "Am I satisfied that I can exchange for the soul of vain?"

The hundreds of pairs in Shanliang Village were refined The people who become evil corpses are innocent people.

The moment they were born, they were doomed to a tragic life.

And these, Tianjue empress can be prevented...

Tianjue empress does not seem to see that Yun Qingyan's words offend her, but faintly said: " Gu Ruo said, those wronged souls are not real souls?"


Yun Qingyan didn't even want to say, "If it's not a real soul, how to make evil spirits? Corpse."

"Except for Lin Zhan Lin Tian's two siblings, do you see other evil corpses?" Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

"That's not because the other evil corpses were swallowed by Zhang Eqiao and turned into tonics to strengthen his cultivation base?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help asking.

"Swallowing lonely divine force seeds, of course, can increase the cultivation base." Tianjue Empress said.

divine force seed...

Yun Qingyan combed out a clue in an instant.

Except for Lin's siblings, Zhang Eqiao's purpose of refining other evil corpses...

It is simply used to increase the cultivation base.

The small part is used to increase Zhang Eqiao’s own cultivation base, and the larger part is used to increase Lin’s resistance and Lin Tian’s cultivation base.

Tianjue empress divine force seeds make people...

It is not difficult to simulate emotions and simulate a person.

The biggest flaw of people created by divine force seeds is...there is no real soul, which means that they cannot be refined into evil corpses.

But the people created by divine force seeds can be refined and can be used as a tonic to increase the cultivation base...

Who is going to investigate, are they real people? ?

Zhang Eqiao’s point of concern is only whether they can increase the cultivation base.

"Look at it."

As Tian Jue empress said, one after another coffins flew out of the village of kindness.

After the coffin was opened, the corpse inside was in front of Yun Qingyan...turned into one seed after another.

Of course, the seeds have dried up.

Then this kind of thing turns into ashes, which is blown away by light wind like a powder.

“Only Lin Zhi and Lin Tian in Shanliang Village are real people. They were born out of Zhang Eqiao through the secret technique.”

“The rest were born in Shanliang Village. , Are all transformed by the solitary divine force seed." Tianjue Empress said.

In other words, there are no innocent people in the good village, because innocent people are not real people.

Lin Zhi and Lin Tian may be victims, but they have now proved that...

They are not only not victims, but they still take the side of the evil-doer.

"The lonely queen, are you still satisfied?" Tianjue Empress asked again.

"My heart is sincere!" Yun Qingyan said.

Everyone in Shanliang Village has received their due punishment.

Before Yun Qingyan appeared, they got pain from life to life, constant Lun Hui, constant pain.

Zhang Eqiao also thinks he is in control of everything, he wants to compete with Tianjue empress...

But he lost in the hands of Yun Qingyan.

And in the end, he also fell into a fall, and his most feared... is Death.

Although Lin Zhilintian’s evils were aimed at the divine force seeds, they did not harm real life.

But it can't cover up their evil.

So everyone in Shanliang Village has been punished accordingly.

Of course, if Yun Qingyan does not appear...

The result may be another matter, because Lin Zhi and Lin Tian are really likely to escape this illusory world.

"But empress, what do you think of my test in Tianlitang...what is the result?" Yun Qingyan changed his words.

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