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Chapter 02889 Supreme Indifference!

If there are outsiders present, you will definitely think Yun Qingyan is crazy.

To know how many tens of thousands of years have passed since the establishment of Tianjue Holy Land......

So far, Tianjue empress is only a dísciple of Li Hanying!

There is only one Saintess in Holy Land, Li Hanying.

Yun Qingyan have what skills and abilities, and deserves the same identity as Li Hanying?

"Just by relying on you to break through the Tianlitang, I want to be the Holy Son of Holy Land, my dísciple. Yun Qingyan, are you whimsical or ignorant and fearless."

天Absolutely empress couldn't help but said in a disdainful tone.

Even through the copper mirror, Li Ran, who saw this scene in the real world... Li Hanying, complex colors flashed in her eyes.

She will become the dísciple of Tianjue empress, not because of her identity as the daughter of the Divine Emperor.

It's not because of her cultivation talent.

It’s just because she used a cultivation technique in her previous life...

And the founder of this cultivation technique is...Tianjue empress.

In other words, it is a coincidence and fate that Li Hanying became the dísciple of Tianjue empress.

The identity of Yun Qingyan does not have such a coincidence.

Yun Qingyan didn't seem to be surprised by Tian Jue empress's answer.

He went on to say: "Then how can I become empress your...a dísciple?"

The word is over!

The cultivation base of the god is suddenly released from his body.

"I have been cultivation so far, but only eight thousand years." Yun Qingyan looked at Tianjue empress and said: "With my aptitude, can I be qualified to be your dísciple?"

"What, eight thousand years!"

Even if it is Tianjue empress, hearing this number, the look of shock flashes in his eyes.

You must know that even if it is the Divine Emperor, devoting all resources to cultivate a descendant, it may not be able to cultivate a god in just eight thousand years...

And Yun Qingyan is just a native of the lower realm.

Real world.

Looking at the copper mirror, Li Hanying said in a low voice: "If I remember correctly, in the past eight thousand years, I have experienced a rebuild."

"In addition, I just came to God. In the World, he also experienced a deep sleep for three thousand years."

"In other words, he grew out of nothing, and the real cultivation time was only five thousand years."

If Yun Qingyan will be shocked when he hears Li Hanying's muttering.

After he came to God World, he slept for three thousand years, he did not even tell the Emperor Imperial Capital.

Li Ran...How did Li Hanying learn that he has been asleep for three thousand years?

"The innate talent is truly amazing!" Tian Jue empress looked towards Yun Qingyan's gaze flashed with admiration for the first time.

Even in Tianjue Holy Land, the two most shocking and stunning Talents are inferior to Yun Qingyan...

These two Talents, one is Li Hanying, the other... is her nephew who is not related by blood.

"Unfortunately, innate talent has never been the only criterion to measure." Tianjue empress shook his head slightly.

She really surprised Yun Qingyan's innate talent.

But there was no idea of ​​accepting Yun Qingyan as a disciple.

"Not the only standard? In other words, if you accept disciples, there is indeed a clear standard." Yun Qingyan changed his words.

"Of course!"

Tianjue emphasizes nodded without evasiveness, "I have a clear reason for accepting cold smoke as a disciple."

" Because she cultivated...Supreme Indifference?" Yun Qingyan said abruptly.

In the real world, looking at Li Hanying of the copper mirror, a slightly different color flashed in her eyes.

"Oh? You also know Supreme Indifference?" Tianjue empress was surprised again.

"Of course, from the first glance I saw you, I felt that you cultivated Supreme Indifference."

Supreme Indifference is Li Ranzhu’s major technique, Yun Qingyan said The cultivation technique is naturally familiar.

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