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Chapter 02890 reached an agreement!

"Guo is not only cultivation Supreme Indifference, but also the founder of Supreme Indifference this cultivation technique."

Tianjue empress indifferently said: "But lonely harvesting cold smoke as an apprentice is not only Because she cultivated Supreme Indifference."

"Her mood, physique, and Supreme Indifference fit even better than the founder of Gu."

"One day, she will create It’s more Profound Realm. It’s a level that even loneliness...can’t be reached."

Supreme Indifference so far, but the 12th Layer.

Tianjue empress, as the creator of the cultivation technique, naturally Cultivate Refine Up the 12th Layer.

But she can't go any further.

Because of the shackles of his innate talent, but also because of... the shackles of God World Heavenly Dao.

Cultivate Refine Up 12th Layer, she is already comparable to the Divine Emperor.

If there is another 13th Layer, wouldn't it be a disguised explanation...she has crossed the Divine Emperor?

Among the living people, Tian Jue empress has never seen anyone who has crossed the Divine Emperor.

In addition, the realm above the Divine Emperor......

has always been in the legend.

After all, the Divine Emperor is already Undying and Inextinguishable, an immortal existence.

"If I also cultivation Supreme Indifference, and the innate talent is no less than Li Ran...what about Li Hanying?"

Yun Qingyan still almost said the name of'Li Ranzhu'.

"That won't be accepted either." Tianjue empress said without hesitation.

"Why?" Yun Qingyan increased his tone.

"Because of innate talent, cultivation Supreme Indifference, it is not all the standard."

Tianjue empress looked at Yun Qingyan quietly and said, "I still need to see him pleasingly!"

Very conspicuous Tian Jue empress Look at Yun Qingyan...It's not pleasing enough.

"Moreover, no matter how great Talent is, as long as it can't grow up, it will end up as a boneless corpse that's all."

Tianjue's words, let Yun Qingyan's younger generation... once again Chill rises.

The unspoken implication of these words......

Can it be understood that she is threatening Yun Qingyan?

"Apart from Holy Son and Saintess, what dísciple has the highest status in Tianjue Holy Land?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

As Yun Qingyan knows, the dísciple of Tianjue Holy Land includes handyman, outer sect, inner sect, and true biography.

But after seeing Tianjue empress, Yun Qingyan knew...

Even True Disciple, Tianjue empress would not care.

Because Tianjue empress stands too high.

Because Tianjue empress is too proud.

There are ants under the emperor level. This is not nothing serious.

Either Tianjue empress or Divine Emperor, they are all immortal existences.

They have witnessed too many Heaven's Chosen.

And those Heaven's Chosen, as long as they do not become the Divine Emperor, one day they will be annihilated in the long river of history.

"The dísciple is pleasing to the eye." Tianjue empress indifferently said.

"..." Yun Qingyan suddenly didn't know how to answer the call.

"Then give me the qualification to stay in Tianjue Holy Land, and teach me......Supreme Indifference!"

Yun Qingyan stepped back and said.

He believes this request, and Tianjue empress will not refuse it.

Tian Jue empress did not answer, but slightly flicked his fingers, and saw a light and shadow...

It sank into Yun Qingyan's eyebrows.

In Yun Qingyan's memory, there was an instant cultivation technique of Supreme Indifference.

However, except for 1st Layer, all subsequent ones are shrouded in chaos.

"Supreme Indifference has a total of 12th Layer, and the loneliness has all been taught to you."

"As long as you successfully reach the 1st Layer, the seal of the 2nd Layer will be unlocked until the 12th. Layer until now."

"In addition..."

Tian Jue empress Speaking of this, he suddenly looked towards Yun Qingyan solemnly.

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