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Chapter 02892 Teleportation Array across Star Domain!

Hou Yu has recognized Yun Qingyan as the master.

Yun Qingyan has always been a person who protects shortcomings. For Hou Yu's grievances, he is impossible to stand by.

"Yes, Peak Master!" said the woman transformed into a peach tree.

"wait a minute" Yun Qingyan suddenly stopped the other person and said: "What are your names?"

"Subordinate Tao Yaoyao!"

"Subordinate Mouse Lele!"

"Subordinate Crow Duoduo!"

The peach tree transformed into a woman, the rat demon, and the crow spirit said one after another.


Yun Qingyan is a bit speechless, their names are really...special.

"Crow Duoduo, are you a male demon or Banshee?" Yun Qingyan looked towards Crow Jingdao curiously.

The crow spirit has a beard, dark skin, and a pair of black wings behind it.

From the outside, the crow spirit is a...middle-aged wretched man.

It happened to be like this, called... Crow Duoduo.

"reporting to Peak Master, the subordinate is a male demon." Ya Duoduo said in embarrassment.

Yun Qingyan slightly nodded, and then moved away from the topic, "Tao Yaoyao, you go and bring Hou Yu to see me."

"Mo Lele and Ya Duoduo, just Let me get acquainted with the Anonymous Peak."

After Tao Yaoyao left, Shu Lele and Ya Duoduo took Yun Qingyan to the Anonymous Palace and introduced each place.

What makes Yun Qingyan secretly surprised is that Shu Lele and Ya Duoduo are actually the steward of the previous Peak Master.

But even Shu Lele and Ya Tuo Duo don't know the underground of the great hall...

There is something else, Earth Palace exists.

In Yun Qingyan Divine Consciousness, there is nothing unusual about Earth Palace.

However, because there is nothing strange, it attracted Yun Qingyan's attention.

Since there is no strange place, why didn't even the two steward Shu Lele and Ya Duoduo know the existence of Earth Palace?

Yun Qingyan came to the discussion hall and sent Shu Lele and Ya Duoduo away, Yun Qingyan silhouette appeared out of thin air to the bottom of the Earth Palace.

Earth Palace is also a part of Wumingfeng. Yun Qingyan is the owner of Wumingfeng. A single thought can reach anywhere on Wumingfeng.

"Sure enough, there is a Formation Law."

After arriving at the Earth Palace, Yun Qingyan discovered that the structure of the Earth Palace is a Formation Law.

Divine Consciousness can enter here, but can't find the weirdness here.


Yun Qingyan walked to a corner of the Northwest of the Earth Palace. This is the formation eye of the Formation Law.

Under the formation eye of the Formation Law, a teleportation array was found.

What shocked Yun Qingyan was that this teleportation array... turned out to be a teleportation array that could straddle the Star Domain.

"This..." Yun Qingyan was a little dumbfounded. In God World, even the gods may not have arranged a cross-Star Domain teleportation array.

"His..." Abruptly, Yun Qingyan gasped.

When looking directly at the teleportation formation, Yun Qingyan felt an inexplicable coldness in his heart.

As if there is something terrifying existence at the other end of the teleportation array.

Hesitated again and again, Yun Qingyan finally... still dare not open the teleportation array.

He immediately left Earth Palace and called Shu Lele and Ya Duoduo.

"Which cultivation base was the Peak Master of Wuming Peak, and when did it die during meditation?" Yun Qingyan asked.

"The previous Peak Master was the cultivation base of the gods, who died during meditation 300,000 years ago." Shu Lele replied.

"Where is he buried?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

"The last Peak Master was to explain the funeral before died during meditation, and then left Tianjue Holy Land alone." Ya Duoduo replied.

"That is to say, no one has seen him died during meditation?" Yun Qingyan said.

I was muttering in my heart, could it be that the previous Peak Master did not have Death, but left by the teleportation array of the Earth Palace?

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