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Chapter 02895 humiliates Li Wei!

Faced with the sudden appearance of a man and a woman, Li Wei was taken aback for a moment.

He didn't even know how this man and woman appeared.

"Who are you and why are you rushing to Weifeng?" Li Wei looked towards the other side vigilantly.

The other party can appear silently, of course it deserves his vigilance.

Yun Qingyan did not answer the call immediately, but instead waved his big hand, and a lightning-colored flame covered Hou Yu's body.

Bone Corroding Insect, who was biting Hou Yu's flesh and blood, was burned to ashes by Xuanyin Thunder Fire in one encounter.

Yun Qingyan flicked his fingers again, and a burst of energy full of Life Aura sank into Hou Yu's body.

I saw the injuries on Hou Yu's body and began to recover at a speed visible to naked eye.

"Belong to... subordinate Hou Yu, pay homage to Young Master!" Hou Yu knelt in front of Yun Qingyan with excitement.

He didn't expect that Yun Qingyan would suddenly appear and...save him.

Yun Qingyan slightly nodded, then moved his gaze to Li Wei.

Just a glance, Li Wei's body...then three steps back in a row.

Li Wei caught a cold glow in Yun Qingyan's eyes, it was murderous intention!

"Your Excellency, you know that Weifeng is my private domain. According to the rules of Tianjue Holy Land, I am good at Weifeng without my permission... I have the right to report Holy Land to execute without you any mercy." Li Wei took a deep breath.

If he were to be someone else, he would have killed him on the spot instead of reporting to the Heaven and Absolute Holy Land.

"Our Young Master is Wumingfeng Peak Master, and its status is not comparable to your little Weifeng Peak Master." Tao Yaoyao said from the side.


Li Wei and Hou Yu were shocked at the same time.

Li Wei was shocked that Wumingfeng has been without an owner for tens of thousands of years, but today suddenly there is another owner.

Hou Yu was an accident. Yun Qingyan just broke through the Tianli Hall, how could he suddenly become the Peak Master of Wumingfeng.

And it is also the highest status...one of the few Peak Masters.

In the nameless peak during the Peak period, its Peak Master...has the right to meet empress directly.

"I am here today for Hou Yu." Yun Qingyan finally spoke.

"I will give you two choices, either I will kill you now, or see you at the Life and Death Stage."

"You are the one who broke through the Tianli Hall for Hou Yu People?" Li Wei took a deep breath.

He has sorted out a line in his mind.

The other party must have broken through Tianlitang and was received by Tianjue empress.

That’s why I had the opportunity to be named the Peak Master of Unknown Peak by Tianjue empress.

"Life and Death Stage is a place where both parties have enmity. When it reaches the level of irreconcilable, it will be used to make a life and death."

"And I have no enmity against you."


Li Wei said, he is backing away, because Yun Qingyan gave him a feeling...unmatched.


Abruptly, a hot slap print suddenly appeared on Li Wei's face.

"Do you have it now?" Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

"damned bastard, how dare you fan..." Before Li Wei finished speaking, pa pa pa......

Yun Qingyan slapped his face several times.

"Do you have it now?" Yun Qingyan said again, his tone still extremely calm.

"You, you..."

Li Wei was anxious, and his veins burst all over. As a True Disciple of Holy Land, this is the first time he has been caught Slap like a face.

Suddenly, Li Wei gasped again.

Because Yun Qingyan has an undisguised coldness.

At this moment, Li Wei felt that as long as he did not agree to Yun Qingyan on the Life and Death Stage...

Yun Qingyan would really kill him on the spot.

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