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02896 Chapter Life and Death Stage!

"You are so to me, are you afraid that Holy Land will punish you severely?" Li Weiqiang endured the humiliation and said.

Even if there is a 30% confidence in Yun Qingyan against Yun Qingyan, he will agree to go to the Life and Death Stage without the slightest hesitation.

But Yun Qingyan felt too strong for him, so powerful...he couldn't match it at all.

This can be seen from Yun Qingyan's ability to slap him arbitrarily.

Life and Death Stage, is a dísciple with irreconcilable enmity, which is used to prevent life and death.

It will only be turned on if both parties voluntarily.

It's just the will of one party, but you can't get to the Life and Death Stage.

As for Yun Qingyan directly killing Li Wei, he can indeed do it...

But Li Wei believes that this consequence is definitely not something Yun Qingyan can bear.

The reason why the Life and Death Stage appeared is because Tianjue Holy Land prohibits dísciple fighting.

Hundreds of years ago, Li Wei and Hu Yue'er also took great pains to trick Hou Yu into the Life and Death Stage.

"Young Master, the subordinates know that you are going to stand up for me, but Li Wei said it is true..." Hou Yu privately sent a sound transmission to Yun Qingyan.

He is really worried that Yun Qingyan will kill Li Wei directly.

"You are the cultivation base of Divine Sovereign Early-Stage." Yun Qingyan said nonchalantly at this time.

"Not bad!" Li Wei was not surprised when Yun Qingyan saw through his cultivation base at a glance.

After all, in Li Wei's opinion, Yun Qingyan is at least a great realm higher than him.

It is no wonder that Yun Qingyan can take the post of Peak Master of Ren Wuming Peak.

"If I suppress my own cultivation base on the King Boundary Peak, you dare to go to the Life and Death Stage with me." Yun Qingyan said again faintly.

At the same time, Yun Qingyan has decided in his heart that if Li Wei refuses anymore...

He will kill Li Wei on the spot even if he risks the consequences.

"Young Master can't!"

"Peak Master can't!"

Li Wei hasn't answered yet, Hou Yu and Tao Yaoyao both face 1st Transformation The blocked road.

"Is this true?" Li Weiqiang said joyfully, pressing his heart.

Divine Sovereign Early-Stage, and Divine King Peak, although only separated by one small realm......

But the difference between the two is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Li Wei himself felt the most about this. After he stepped into the Divine Sovereign Early-Stage from Divine King Peak, his cultivation base was at least several dozen times stronger.

It seems that Yun Qingyan will change his mind, Li Wei immediately said: "If you really suppress the cultivation base at Divine King Peak, I am willing to go to the Life and Death Stage with you!"

"I'm afraid, you dare not!" Finally, Li Wei added.

"Then go!" Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

"Well, I'm going to meet someone before the Life and Death Stage," Li Wei said immediately.

Yun Qingyan didn't care, and flew to the Life and Death Stage together with Tao Yaoyao and Hou Yu.

The current Li Wei is only afraid of Yun Qingyan's breaking the appointment, and there is no situation of fleeing at all.

After all, in Li Wei's eyes, he has got a big deal.

"Young Master, do you really want to suppress the realm to Divine King Peak, and make a life and death with Li Wei?"

Hou Yu couldn't help but speak again.

At this time, he has regrets in his heart, thinking that he should not drag Yun Qingyan into the water.

As for the people Li Wei was going to see, Hou Yu probably also had an answer in his heart.

It has been rumored that Li Wei is the grandson of a Remote Elder from Holy Land in Tianjue.

Of course, this rumor was released by Li Wei himself, and outsiders can't know the specific truth and falsehood.

But what is certain is that Li Wei has a certain relationship with that surnamed Li Remote Elder...

Otherwise, Li Wei would not have the courage to associate himself with the surnamed Li Remote Elder.

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