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She is not here in Chapter 02897!

In just half a day, Yun Qingyan's name rang throughout most of the heavenly Holy Land.

I don’t know how many tens of thousands of years have been empty for the Peak Master of Wumingfeng.

Yun Qingyan suddenly became the Peak Master of Anonymous Peak. It is difficult not to attract other people's attention.

Plus, he is about to have a life and death battle with Li Wei on the Life and Death Stage, and more people are paying attention.

Saintess Palace.

Li Ran... After hearing the report from the person below, Li Hanying gave a faint'um'.

She didn't take seriously on this matter.

Li Wei knows that she reached Divine Sovereign Early-Stage a few months ago and became the True Disciple of Holy Land.

And Yun Qingyan, has long been the cultivation base of the gods, it is no exaggeration to say that there are 10,000 Li Wei, and they are no match for Yun Qingyan's finger.

In her eyes, this is a battle where you can know the ending without looking.


Li Hanying raised her eyebrows slightly, because the reporter then told her that Yun Qingyan wanted to suppress the cultivation base at Divine King Peak.

"Saintess, do you want to follow?" the reporter asked again.

"Well!" Li Hanying was lightly nodded.

Seeing Li Hanying nodded, the reporter immediately took out a memory crystal from the space ring.

At this time, there is no picture in the memory crystal, but as he retires, after he reaches the Life and Death Stage...

There is a picture of Life and Death Stage in the memory crystal.


Tianjue Holy Land Central Region, there is a huge depression, more than 100 meters deep, but the length and width are more than 100,000 meters.

There are countless seats in the recessed area all around, allowing people to clearly see the situation under the recessed area.

This depression is the Life and Death Stage of the Heavenly Holy Land.

Life and Death Stage The ground is covered with aligned slates, and each slate exudes a faint wave of energy.

The walls of Life and Death Stage all around are also covered with 1st Layer slabs, and each slab also emits energy fluctuations.

These countless slates form a giant Defensive Array, no matter how fierce the battle of Life and Death Stage is...

The aftermath will not spread to the auditorium, will not spread to outside world.

Yun Qingyan entire group, when first arrived at the Life and Death Stage, there were only sparse crowds all around.

But with the arrival of Yun Qingyan, the crowd came like a beehive.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Life and Death Stage all around is already crowded with a mighty crowd...

Visually, there are at least a million people.

It’s not too late to get a spot...the crowd who can only fly in mid-air to watch.

"He is Yun Qingyan? The nameless peak is newly named Peak Master?"

"Sure enough, have a dignified appearance, the appearance of Dragons Among Humans, no wonder he can become the Peak of the nameless peak Master."

"But he seems to be overconfident. He did not suppress the cultivation base in a realm with Li Wei, but at Divine King Peak in a realm with Li Wei!"

"In this case, he wants to defeat Li Wei. Simply picking up chestnuts from the fire is as difficult as heavenly ascension."


Yun Qingyan, who became the focus of everyone, was released at this time Divine Consciousness, spy on everyone present.

Finally, he shook the head, and his eyes flashed with disappointment.

"Such a big movement, should it be in your ears?" Yun Qingyan muttered in his heart.

"Could'Supreme Indifference' really make you ignore everything?"

What Yun Qingyan didn't know was that the person he was looking for was not present.

But the scene of the Life and Death Stage has long passed through the memory crystal...

In the field of vision of the person he was looking for.

"Oh? It seems that he is in Tianjue Holy Land, and indeed has several points of relationship."

In Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, Li Wei's silhouette appeared, and Li Wei's...There are also three gods.

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