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Chapter 02898 cultivation base has been sealed!

Yun Qingyan flew over the Life and Death Stage, looking at the up ahead auditorium.

However, his attention was not focused on these audiences.

Even Li Wei and the few gods he brought with him did not pay attention.

He felt a touch of loss, a touch of loneliness.

Whether he became the Peak Master of Unknown Peak or the battle with Li Wei...

It should have spread all over the Tianjue Holy Land.

Li Ran... Li Hanying is impossible don't know.

In Yun Qingyan's view, even Tianjue empress is paying attention here.

After all, for Tianjue Holy Land, this is somewhat...a hilarious event that finally appeared.

"En?" Yun Qingyan suddenly raised his eyebrows, and he suddenly noticed something.

Many people present took out the memory crystal.

There are two main types of memory crystals. One is pure recording, which records the live images.

There is another kind of memory crystal that can also be used to record live scenes in real time to...another memory crystal connected to it.

Will Li Hanying watch it through the memory crystal?

Think of this, Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, covering every memory crystal present.

Then pay attention to the actions, words and deeds of everyone who holds the memory crystal.

"Saintess, the fight is about to begin, and Li Wei has already come to the Life and Death Stage."

A person whispered lightly, speaking to the memory crystal in his hand.

Yun Qingyan noticed this immediately.

Tianjue Holy Land has only one Saintess, and that is the Direct Disciple of Tianjue empress...Li Hanying!

"It's good if you are watching." Yun Qingyan muttered in his heart, a bitter trick appeared in his mind.

"Are you Yun Qingyan? Wumingfeng is newly promoted to Peak Master?" Suddenly, a cold Bingbing voice suddenly sounded.

Next, four silhouettes flew over the Life and Death Stage.

The person who spoke was a middle age person who seemed to be in his forties and exuded a bitter breath.

Li Wei is one of the four.

"Who are you." Yun Qingyan lightly looked towards the other party.

"Li Qiandao!" The person who spoke coldly said.

Yun Qingyan didn't know Li Qiandao's name, but the crowd all around was already boiling.

"Li Qiandao, Tianjue Holy Land Remote Elder!"

"Didn't expect the rumor is true, Li Wei is really a relative of Remote Elder."

"It is rumored that Li Qiandao was already a god Sovereign Peak for hundreds of thousands of years. His status in Tianjue Holy Land can be far above True Disciple."

"Yun Qingyan this time , I’m afraid it’s kicked to the iron plate."

When the crowd was boiling, two of Li Qiandao and his party of four spoke.

"Li Qianfang!"

"Li Qianshui!"

The name taboo of these two people also caused a lot of sensation, because they are also True Disciple.

It is also the True Disciple of the gods’ cultivation base.

"Yun Qingyan!" Li Wei said in a cold tone, looked towards Yun Qingyan, as if to say, do you regret provoke me?

"Yun Qingyan, do you promise Li Wei to suppress the cultivation base at Divine King Peak." Remote Elder Li Qiandao said.

"Not bad!"

Yun Qingyan said, in front of everyone, he put a seal on himself.

His cultivation base, at a speed visible to naked eye, plummeted from Divine King Peak to Divine King Peak.

"Where is the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death!" Li Qiandao said indifferently.

"Farewell to Remote Elder!"

A silhouette flew up from below the Life and Death Stage.

Is an old man who looks like 60 or 70 years old.

"In this battle, no one is allowed to intervene before the birth and death."

Li Qiandao looked at the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, as if to show his justice, he again He added: "Including this seat!"

"Yes, Remote Elder!" Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, how dare you say anything.

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