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Is there no suspense in Chapter 02899?

Li Qiandao really came for Li Wei.

His remarks seem fair, but anyone who is not stupid can hear that he is partial to Li Wei.

Yun Qingyan, who was suppressed by the cultivation base at Divine King Peak, could be Li Wei’s opponent of Divine Sovereign Early-Stage?

Before the points are born and die, no one is allowed to intervene in the fight...

This is not even giving Yun Qingyan a chance to admit defeat in the midfield!

"Let’s retreat first!"

As Li Qiandao said, together with Li Qianfang and Li Qianshui, he flew out of the scope of the Life and Death Stage.

After their three people left, the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, the referee of this duel...

Immediately launched the Formation Law of the Life and Death Stage.

The stone slabs on the floor and the four walls are connected together instantly, without any gaps, just like a huge glass shimmering on one side.

This is the Formation Law of the Life and Death Stage, even if there are two gods inside in the life and death battle......

Both are impossible to break through this Formation Law.

But since it is the Formation Law, it is impossible perfect and without blemish.

The inside cannot be penetrated, but the outside can easily destroy the Formation Law.

"Two True Disciples, please come and take a peek at Origin Realm." The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death said.

Life and Death Stage duel must be completely fair.

A glimpse of Origin Realm is a treasure rewarded by empress. Even the gods can’t cheat when glancing at Origin Realm.

Yun Qingyan said nothing to Li Wei, and walked under the golden light from Origin Realm.

Suddenly, their cultivation base was thrown into the air by a glimpse of Origin Realm.

All around everyone, they clearly see their cultivation base.

Yun Qingyan, Divine King Peak!

Li Wei, Divine Sovereign Early-Stage!

Yun Qingyan As he said, he really suppressed the cultivation base to Divine King Peak.

Li Wei did not conceal the cultivation base. It is indeed the cultivation base of Divine Sovereign Early-Stage.

"This fight, do you prohibit Magic Weapon, hidden weapon, and the secret technique of burning lives."

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death asked again.

The voice spread everywhere, in the ears of everyone present.

"Of course!"

Li Wei immediately replied, "Since it is a duel, naturally it must be dignified and upright, so this battle prohibits any Magic Weapon, any hidden weapon, Any secret technique that burns life and blood essence."

Li Wei has already taken advantage of the obvious.

But who knows whether Yun Qingyan has mastered a powerful secret technique? Do you have a horrible Magic Weapon?

Li Wei's rush to answer made the crowd all around appear contemptuous.

There is no fool present, who doesn't know the little Jiujiu in Li Wei's heart?

But to the surprise of all around the crowd, Yun Qingyan actually agreed to Li Wei's proposal without even thinking about it.

"Yun Qingyan, you are very kind! But soon, you will regret it, hahaha......"

Li Wei couldn't help laughing.

Then he looked towards Hall Master in the Hall of Life and Death, "Referee, can the fight begin?"

"Of course!"

The referee is nodded, wait After Yun Qingyan and Li Wei’s silhouettes retreated 100 meters each, he announced: "Start—"


Li Wei’s silhouette, immediately disappeared, next moment, and the terrifying Divine Sovereign power, enveloped the entire Life and Death Stage.

Yun Qingyan has already lowered his cultivation base. In theory...faced with the power of Divine Sovereign, he will be suppressed.

Yun Qingyan is still on the spot, and it feels like being photographed by Li Wei's imposing manner.

"Is there no suspense like this?"

All around Many people sighed with disappointment. Li Wei’s attack has already attacked Yun Qingyan from all directions.

Yun Qingyan didn't fight back, that's all, and gave people a feeling of obediently surrender.

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