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Chapter 02900 you are too weak

Next, Li Wei's reaction also gave people a feeling of incomprehension.

He has blocked all Yun Qingyan's retreat, but his attack...

But he hasn't fallen on Yun Qingyan for a long time.

Soon a careful person discovered the astonished expression on Li Wei's face.

There seemed to be something that caused him to panic in general.

Suddenly, Li Wei's silhouette flew upside down.

Almost at the same time, a terrible explosion suddenly swept all directions.

boom~ boom~ ……

The protective array that wrapped the Life and Death Stage, there was a violent vibration, that invisible protective cover...

At this time, it was exposed to everyone's sight.

This shield also intercepts the shock wave generated by the explosion in the Life and Death Stage.

"This Yun Qingyan, really suppressed the cultivation base in Divine King Peak?"

There were many great characters among the spectators, and they all showed look of shock in their eyes .

Others can't see it, it doesn't mean they can't see it.

Just when Li Wei's attack was about to fall into Yun Qingyan's body, Yun Qingyan suddenly shot...

Because the speed was too fast, an afterimage was left.

Because of the afterimage, it makes people feel that Yun Qingyan is in the same place...not moving.

"Damn it, Yun Qingyan cheated and didn't seal his own cultivation base?"

There was a faint blood stain on the corner of Li Wei's mouth. He was knocked into the air by the collision just now. To the edge of the ring.

There are countless spectators who have the same idea as Li Wei.

But when they saw the data projected by Origin Realm in the Life and Death Stage in mid-air...

They all suppressed this idea one by one.

A glimpse of the information projected by Origin Realm shows that Yun Qingyan has indeed sealed the cultivation base at Divine King Peak.

Whether it is Li Wei, or the Li Qiandao he called and the others, I don’t think there will be a problem with a glimpse of Origin Realm.

After all, that is the Magic Weapon given by Tianjue empress to the Hall of Life and Death.

"Yun Qingyan, didn't expect your strength to be so strong!" Li Wei coldly snorted and said.

The gaze that looked towards Yun Qingyan reappeared with fear and solemnity.

"Even if you suppress the cultivation base at Divine King Peak, your strength is no less than the ordinary Divine Sovereign Early-Stage!"

Li Wei's words, again It detonated the crowd at one time.

The higher the realm, the less likely there is to leapfrog the enemy.

Because the higher the realm, the greater the gap between them.

For example, nine and ten are just a difference of one.

Though it is very difficult for a person with a'nine' to defeat a person with a'ten'...

but also not impossible.

But what if it is ninety and one hundred?

How about nine hundred and one thousand?

Or nine billion, or one billion?

Why did Li Wei dare to take on Yun Qingyan’s challenge, because in his opinion, Yun Qingyan, who tied his cultivation base to Divine King Peak...

Almost impossible is his opponent.

Divine King and Divine Sovereign, although there is only one realm difference, the difference between this realm is not nine and ten, but the difference between nine billion and ten billion.

"Just the ordinary Divine Sovereign Early-Stage?" Yun Qingyan's face flashed with disdain.

Don't say that Li Wei is just Divine Sovereign Early-Stage, even if he is Divine Sovereign Peak, facing Yun Qingyan...

They are all dead ends.

Yun Qingyan was dispatched, the silhouette changed into a phantom and rushed towards Li Wei.

Yun Qingyan silhouette Wherever you go, the space is fragmented, and you can see it from a distance...

Yun Qingyan looks like it has opened up a space channel with fleshy body.

"you are too weak." When Yun Qingyan's voice sounded, Li Wei's silhouette flew out again.

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