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Chapter 02901 Yun Qingyan lost!

hong long long!

This time, Li Wei's silhouette hit the protective cover heavily.

For a moment, there were some cracks in the protective cover, but it quickly healed itself.

"Relying on countless Heaven and Earth Treasures, piling oneself into the waste of Divine Sovereign Early-Stage that's all."

"If I want to, one palm is enough to kill you."

Yun Qingyan's voice full of disdain, resounded all over Heaven and Earth.

Li Qiandao, Li Qianshui, and Li Qianfang are as ugly as their faces are.

But with the eyesight of their three people, I also know...Yun Qingyan is true.

"Yun Qingyan did not designate himself as a cultivation base, although he was only a god-sovereign Early-Stage, but his battle strength... I'm afraid that he would not even be against me."

Li Qiandao was whispered in his heart. , Looking towards Yun Qingyan, the grave expression appeared for the first time.

At this time, he already regretted being fair to Li Wei.

Because Li Wei is not his immediate family member.

It's the grandson of his long-fallen big brother.

For the big brother, he certainly has feelings, but the big brother’s grandsons don’t know how many.

He impossible to have deep feelings for each one.

He came here today only for Li Wei's sake.

And because he thought in advance that Yun Qingyan, who was self-sealing the cultivation base...

Impossible is Li Wei’s opponent.

"Yun Qingyan, you forced me!" Li Wei's face was full of grimace, he loudly shouted, and attacked Yun Qingyan again.

Under the light of Origin Realm, Li Wei's shadow suddenly stretched, as if he became another him.

Li Wei pinched his fingers, and countless sword shadows appeared behind him.

His shadow repeats the same action, and countless sword shadows appear in the shadow.

"Innate Divine Ability!"

"It's Innate Divine Ability!"

All around the spectators, there are already many people who recognize Li Wei Means used.

Even Li Qiandao and the others have different colors in their eyes, "Li Wei unexpectedly wakes up, our Li family’s Innate Divine Ability!"

They Li Family embrace Part of the bloodline of the Shadow Race.

The Shadow Clone Body is one of the exclusive Innate Divine Ability of the Shadow Race.

Shadow Clone Body, equivalent to another body, has the same cultivation base as the body.

Immediately afterwards, Li Qiandao, Li Qianshui, and Li Qianfang’s three line of sight suddenly converged.

They all saw the color of greed in each other's eyes.

The reason why Li Wei has not exposed Innate Divine Ability for a long time...

There is only one simple reason that can no longer be simple.

That is the Shadow Clone Body, which can be absorbed by people of the same race of the same bloodline...

Or deprived of it!

"I am not your opponent." Li Wei's voice sounded.

His shadow has already stripped away from the body at this time, and turned into another body attacking Yun Qingyan from the back, "What about those two—"

Yun Qingyan did feel the crisis Meaning.

When facing a Li Wei, he can crush the opponent, but if facing Li Wei at the same time...

He will not be so easy.

"This card is not bad, but it is still not enough." Yun Qingyan faintly said.

"Flame Clone Body!"

Yun Qingyan thoughts move, a ray of flame flew out of his body, and the ray of flame instantly turned into a fire shadow.

"It's Heavenly Fire!"

"Yun Qingyan is pregnant with Heavenly Fire!"

All around the crowd suddenly changed color, Heavenly Fire even in God World ... are all extremely precious flames.

In addition, Heavenly Fire is different from Innate Divine Ability.

Heavenly Fire is a foreign object and it is forbidden to use it. Innate Divine Ability is carried by itself...not against the rules.

In other words, the moment Yun Qingyan used Heavenly Fire, he was defeated.

But...Is the lightning-colored flame used by Yun Qingyan really Heavenly Fire?

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