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Chapter 02903 What do you do with me?

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death is far inferior to Remote Elder.

But this does not mean that he has no temper!

Li Qiandao shot him in public, and it was no different from slapped him in the face in public.

He is now occupying the righteousness, how could he still give in to Li Qiandao.

"You are a little Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, dare you to insult this seat?" Even if Li Qiandao faced the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, he was aloof and remote.

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death has a deeper eyebrow, losing reason and righteousness, and Li Qiandao even put on aloof and remote posture.

Suddenly, Hall Master's face suddenly became 1st Transformation.

The gaze that looked towards Li Qiandao was surprised and angry first... and then forcibly suppressed.

"Elder Li, you mistakenly thought that Yun Qingyan used Heavenly Fire. It was excusable, but this fight is not over yet, please leave the Life and Death Stage first!"


The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, took a deep breath.

Just a moment ago, the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death planned to invite Tianjue to empress...

But he forcibly suppressed it.

Li Qiandao not only used his power to suppress others, but also sound transmission warned him that if he fails to appreciate somebody's kindness, he will jointly name other Remote Elder and oust his Hall Master!

Remote Elder is Tianjue Holy Land, a group of people with the highest status and power, each of which is personally canonized by Tianjue empress!

Yun Qingyan couldn't help but glanced at Hall Master in the Hall of Life and Death!

With his eyesight, no one can see the changes before and after the birth of the Hall Master!

A moment ago, I was still questioning Li Qiandao, and there was a faint tendency to move out of Tianjue empress.

The next second, Li Qiandao was suddenly given the steps to leave the Life and Death Stage first.

It was obviously threatened by Li Qiandao secretly.

But soon, Li Qiandao's reaction was puzzling.

Li Qiandao did not follow the steps given to him by the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, "I really missed you, Yun Qingyan has a fire, not Heavenly Fire. But..."

When I couldn't talk about it, Li Qiandao sneered, "Yun Qingyan now unlocks the cultivation base without authorization and violates the pre-match self-appointed cultivation base. Is this a foul?"

Yun Qingyan and the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death, heard Li Qiandao this remark...The first reaction was all stunned.

Why did Yun Qingyan unlock the cultivation base?

That was because Li Qiandao forcibly intervened in the game and rushed to the Life and Death Stage to kill Yun Qingyan.

If Yun Qingyan hadn't solved the cultivation base in time, Li Qiandao would kill Yun Qingyan as soon as he met him.

More than 90% of the spectators at Life and Death Stage all around, also showed a sense of error.

After being astonished, he became uneasy and scolded Li Qiandao shameless shameless secretly.

However, these people can only curse secretly. Li Qiandao has a high position and a peerless cultivation base...

They dare not provoke Li Qiandao.

"Elder Li, Yun Qingyan was forced to lift his own seal. If that's not the case, how about letting Yun Qingyan call himself a cultivation base again?"

Hall of the Hall of Life and Death The Master said, winking at Yun Qingyan.

But before Yun Qingyan can act, Li Qiandao’s coldly snorted voice sounded again, "The rules are the rules. If everyone who violates the rules can find reasons to prevaricate, then there are rules. What are you doing?"

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death sank. Li Qiandao violated the rules by virtue of his status, and that's all if he didn't talk about the rules!

You turned black and white? !

"Remote Elder is extremely saying, just don't know what Remote Elder is going to do with me?" Yun Qingyan's faint voice rang.

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