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Chapter 02904, let's go together!

Yun Qingyan's words surprised many people. Is this subdued?

It is not a wise move to be soft at this time.

Because from a certain perspective, Li Qiandao is turning black and white.

If Yun Qingyan is tough enough and yells to find Tian Jue empress to be fair, at least it will make Li Qiandao feel jealous.

He is so quick to be soft, only to make Li Qiandao think that he is a good persimmon.

"Li Wei, what do you think should be done with Yun Qingyan?" Li Qiandao looked towards Li Wei.

Hearing Li Qiandao, turning the conversation to his side, Li Wei was taken aback...then he was ecstatic.

"Yun Qingyan, it is excusable to think that you violated the rules, and the death penalty will be avoided. But in order to warn future generations not to follow your footsteps, you still have to punish you."

"If this is good, I will punish you to abolish the cultivation base yourself. Anyway, with your talents, you will be able to rebuild today's cultivation base in millions of years."

Li Weiqiang With a feeling of joy to the extreme, he deliberately said in a calm tone.

Li Wei's remarks aroused some people's boos.

Make people abolish the cultivation base, or is it called Xiao Shi disciplinary? It seems that shameless is of common origins.

"Abolition of the cultivation base?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help but look at Li Wei as if looking at a fool, "Don't say anything stupid, if you have the skills, come and abolish my cultivation base by yourself."

"sharp-tongued! Now that you have lifted the cultivation base, Li Wei will fight you with anything!" Li Qiandao is coldly snorted.

"This seat will put the ugly words first, if you don’t obediently abolish the cultivation base today according to Li Wei’s will, then don’t blame this seat for suppressing you personally!"

Speaking of the word'suppression', the terrifying murderous aura swept out of him.

"In my current state, Li Wei is indeed less than a finger, but..."

Yun Qingyan quietly looked towards Li Qiandao, "Your grandfather and grandson , You can go together!"

Yun Qingyan's original plan was to find a way to stimulate Li Qiandao to take action, so as to make things big...

See if Li Ran can be attracted... Li Hanying appeared.

Unexpectedly, his plans were useless, and Li Qiandao couldn't wait to take action.

"What are you talking about?" Li Qiandao's eyes suddenly sank, this junior is so arrogant?

"I said your grandfather and grandson can go together." Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

"It seems that my Remote Elder has been dormant for too long, so that a small True Disciple dare to call the board in public!"

"In that case, then I’m not going to blame this seat for taking you up today."

Li Qiandao’s tone barely fell, the imposing manner of the god Lord Peak, pressed towards Yun Qingyan by hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Suddenly, boom——

A big hand broke through the air and grabbed Yun Qingyan.

"divine force shield!" Yun Qingyan thoughts move, and a shield formed by 1st Layer Power of God appeared all over the body.

At the same time as the shield rotates, a wind eye is formed.

Yun Qingyan has a sharp sword in his left hand, a sharp sword transformed by Power of God.

"Dying Divine Wind ——"

With the help of the wind eye, Yun Qingyan motivated the extremely terrifying'Dying Divine Wind' of Destruction in Immortal Emperor True Solution.

Li Qiandao's complexion was slightly 1st Transformation, the big hand that had not fallen into Yun Qingyan's body suddenly withdrew, and the silhouette also flew backwards quickly.

However, the light beam formed by Dying Divine Wind...

The speed is far above him. Before his silhouette landed, the terrifying white light enveloped the entire Life and Death Stage.


Tianjue Holy Land, many people who watched this scene through the memory crystal... all have astonished expressions in their eyes.

Yun Qingyan of Early-Stage, who is just the god, can perform such terrible sword moves.

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