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Chapter 02905 on-the-spot transaction!

Life and Death Stage all around countless spectators, all stared wide-eyed in this brief moment.

As the terrifying white light envelopes the entire Life and Death Stage, the protective Formation Law of Life and Death Stage all around is automatically activated.

The protective Formation Law that even the gods can block a full strength attack, at this brief moment, it shook violently.

"How is it possible..."

"Even if Yun Qingyan has lifted the cultivation base, it is only the cultivation base of the Divine Lord Early-Stage, how can he make such a terrifying attack!"

Everyone was shocked, especially True Disciple, who was also a god, Early-Stage, hidden in the crowd to watch the duel...

I was surprised by the means Yun Qingyan showed. .

Because they know that this attack...has been exceeded, in a conventional sense, the gods attack!

At least they haven't seen it yet, any god can make such a terrifying attack!

Even the god Peak can’t do it!

As the white light on the ring dissipated, Yun Qingyan still stood spotlessly.

Li Qiandao of Shenjun Peak looked at Yun Qingyan with amazement.

Li Qiandao, who was originally from This Immortal, became ragged, and while his hair was scattered, he was still bubbling with a bit of scorched smoke.

The wounds exposed on the body.

As the god Lord Peak, he was hurt by Yun Qingyan...

As for Li Wei, although he was not the main target of the attack, the shock wave generated by the explosion...

It directly caused him to be severely injured. At this time, Cang Bai was half kneeling in front of him. on the ground.

There were also wounds on the site, blood appeared, and blood stains hung on the corners of the mouth...

Clearly, Li Qiandao was injured.

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death was not affected. This was because Yun Qingyan protected him.

Of course, even if Yun Qingyan didn't protect him and watch Origin Realm... there is a high probability that he can be protected.

Yun Qingyan is just sending a message by doing this.

What the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death has done, Yun Qingyan can see in his eyes, and Yun Qingyan reads the affection of the other party.

The Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death cast a kind look at Yun Qingyan.

"You don't need to notify empress, I can solve them." Yun Qingyan At this time, the sound transmission was given to the Hall Master of the Hall of Life and Death.

What's the joke, he was originally thinking about how to lead Li Qiandao to take action.

Li Qiandao is now sending it to the door by himself, how could he miss this good show.

What Yun Qingyan has to do is to make a big noise, to make things uproar, it's best to make trouble...

Let yourself be in danger!

Only in this way can you attract...Li Ranzhu to appear!

Of course, if Li Qiandao is drawn out by Yun Qingyan, Yun Qingyan will definitely not really embarrass him.

The situation is different now!

With Li Qiandao's eyesight, it can be seen at a glance that Yun Qingyan is not displaying Heavenly Fire.

He rushed to play and wanted to put Yun Qingyan to death, just to solve Yun Qingyan for Li Wei.

What Yun Qingyan didn't know was that Li Wei was also flustered and worried!

"Damn! Damn! I blame Yun Qingyan, if it weren’t for him, how can I expose Innate Divine Ability!"

"Li Qiandao is just that I cost a lot of money, please come here. I'm in the line! He has said long ago that he will not personally intervene in the fight! He is now taking action, and the purpose... has been made clear!" Li Wei cursed secretly in his heart.

The Innate Divine Ability of their Li clan can be swallowed by people of the same clan...refining!

"Uncle, I know your thoughts! I only have one request, to help me kill Yun Qingyan!" Li Wei was the most injured, and said, holding back the blood tumbling in his body.

Li Qiandao coveted his Innate Divine Ability, I can't keep it, and instead of doing so, it's better to use it for trading.

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