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02906 Chapter Black Temple Fire!

Li Qiandao hearing this is happy!

Li Wei’s Innate Divine Ability, he is inevitable.

However, it is inevitable and there are ways to get it. Although it is possible to grab it by force... but it will be criticized somewhat.

It is undoubtedly the best way to make Li Wei donate voluntarily.

As for Yun Qingyan, he really surprised him, and he was able to hurt the god Lord Peak.

However, he was just an accident.

No matter how strong Yun Qingyan is, it's only the God Lord Early-Stage, really fighting for his life...

He is more than 90% sure that he can kill Yun Qingyan.


Li Qiandao took the shot, and the power of the gods rushed to Yun Qingyan from all directions.

This is power and coercion. When facing opponents whose realm is below me...

The oppression caused by power is even more terrifying than pure power. .

Because the oppression caused by the power is to suppress the opponent from the heart... and even the soul.

If it is Yun Qingyan’s battle strength, it is stimulated by overdrawing life... or cultivation base.

Then he uses his power to overwhelm others, and he will be able to defeat them without fighting.

"En?" Li Qiandao's eyebrows stunned slightly, it seems that Yun Qingyan is not as simple as he imagined.

He has released all his momentum...that is, coercion, but it hasn't affected Yun Qingyan's mind in the slightest.

"This child must be removed!" At this moment, Li Qiandao was truly murderous towards Yun Qingyan.

Because he felt a strong oppression on Yun Qingyan.

Judging from the patience shown by Yun Qingyan, it will only be a matter of time to grow to the peak of the gods.

Once Yun Qingyan has a realm with him!

He is most likely not even the enemy of Yun Qingyan's move.

Li Qiandao quickly pinched his ten fingers, and black flame kept growing from Xu Kong, and his brain rushed to Yun Qingyan.

These flames are not illusory, but real flames.

All around the crowd watching the battle directly looked straight, "This is also the fire, Li Qiandao deserves to be the Remote Elder!"

"This is the fire of the black temple, although it is true Fire, but will not damage the fleshy body! But it does not mean that the black temple fire is good stubble. Because it...burns the souls of living things!"

"If Yun Qingyan has no soul Magic Weapon The body protector is very likely to fall on the spot!"

"Li Qiandao is really shameless, he actually used the fire of the black temple on Yun Qingyan!"

The crowd watching the battle couldn't bear it. Live booed Li Qiandao.

But no one dared to stand up for Yun Qingyan's justice.

"Would you like to contact empress?" There were a few highly identifiable people who were also watching the battle among the crowd.

These people frowned slightly and fell into hesitation.

In today's battle, it was originally Yun Qingyan and Li Wei, but Li Qiandao intervened indiscriminately.

From the standpoint of a third party, they naturally look down on Li Qiandao's behavior.

However, if you contact empress, there are certain uncertainties.

empress If Li Qiandao is not punished severely, then their actions...will offend Li Qiandao.

For a Yun Qingyan, it is not a wise move to offend Li Qiandao, especially...Yun Qingyan does not necessarily read their love.

If empress suppressed Li Qiandao on the spot, then there would be no problem of not offending Li Qiandao.

At the same time, Yun Qingyan can at least form a good relationship with Yun Qingyan even if he does not read their love.

bang! bang! bang!

On the Life and Death Stage, there was a terrifying explosion, as if it didn’t even need time, and the fire of the black temple covered the entire Life and Death Stage. .

Yun Qingyan, who is in the center of the flame, is surrounded by flames.

People with a high enough cultivation base even saw Yun Qingyan's soul because of the intense pain...

The facial expression was twisted into a ball.

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