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Chapter 02908 I don't know the life or death!

Yun Qingyan, who is about to hit Li Qiandao, has a face of 1st Transformation. The protective cover on Li Qiandao's body gives him an unmatched and unbreakable feeling.

However, with the current situation, he can no longer look back, because the fire of the Black Temple will burn his soul at all times.

With this blow, even if Li Qiandao cannot be injured, he will prevent Li Qiandao from continuing to release the fire of the Black Temple.

"blood sacrifice, Evil Dragon Roaring Fist!"

Behind Yun Qingyan, a giant dragon phantom suddenly appeared, and this illusory shadow is the same as the usual dragon shadow produced by the Evil Dragon Roaring Fist. different.

At this time, it is a giant dragon, and it is a scarlet giant dragon.

Yun Qingyan sighed and burned three drops of blood essence to activate Evil Dragon Roaring Fist.

To Yun Qingyan's realm today, blood essence is even more precious than life essence.

Because life essence can be restored through conditioning.

But the essence of blood......

Unless the realm is qualitatively improved, it is almost impossible to make up for it after consumption.

At the moment, Yun Qingyan can no longer take care of the loss of blood essence...

After all, life is gone, everything is gone.

hong long long!

The horrible blasting instantly exploded the Life and Death Stage. The protective array of the Life and Death Stage in this brief moment was stimulated to the extreme.

But even so, the violent vibration caused by the Life and Death Stage spread directly through the earth...to all directions.

boom~ boom~ boom……

With Life and Death Stage as the center, within a radius of one million li, terrible earthquakes have appeared.

At this moment, among the countless Secret Realms in the Life and Death Stage, the old monsters who are retreating... all opened their eyes and looked towards the direction of the Life and Death Stage.

"Who is fighting against Li Qiandao?"

"Good guy, I didn't hesitate to burn blood essence to launch this attack."

"Before solitary retreat It seems that there is no such person. Could it be Talent who has just joined Tianjue Holy Land in the past ten thousand years?"

These old monsters, immediately released Divine Consciousness, through the dialogues of other people in Tianjue Holy Land, After talking, I learned the identity of Yun Qingyan.

When they learned about the causes and consequences of the conflict between Yun Qingyan and Li Qiandao, their expressions sank.

"As a Remote Elder, Li Qiandao doesn't even have a trace of skinny!"

"Really shameless, not only shot at a junior, but also mobilized Sect Protection Great Array! "

"Li Qiandao is uncoordinated, the next time I meet empress, must impeach him!"

These old monsters in retreat also whispered Li Qiandao in a low voice.

But... still no one is willing to come forward.

The reason is very simple. Li Qiandao is Remote Elder......

And Remote Elder is in Tianjue Holy Land, qualifications and status are already second only to Tianjue empress.

Even if they offend Li Qiandao, they will not choose to offend Li Qiandao for a Yun Qingyan.

Moreover, these people are all human beings. I don't know where they are. The movement at this time has already attracted empress's attention.

Since the empress didn't make a move, why should they make a strong push.


The Life and Death Stage has been covered by gunpowder smoke. Except for the gods and powerhouses above the gods, the rest of them...

Even Divine Consciousness can't enter the Life and Death Stage.

They can only watch with naked eye, and can only wait for the smoke on the Life and Death Stage to dissipate.

When the Life and Death Stage reappeared in front of everyone, the crowd of onlookers...all of them gasped.

In theory, the Life and Death Stage that can withstand the battle of the gods...

At this time, all split up and in pieces, everywhere devastated, the Life and Death Stage’s protection Formation Law , It's like consuming light energy...

It is dissipating at a speed visible to naked eye.

Look at Yun Qingyan and Li Qiandao again, both of them are standing still on the Life and Death Stage...

I don't know the life or death.

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