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02910 Chapter Taihuang Banner?

Li Qiandao's pupils shrank suddenly, and his back unconsciously became cold.

It stands to reason that Yun Qingyan, who has just burned blood essence and launched a blow beyond his own limit...should be weak.

But when Yun Qingyan squinted at him, he felt extremely dangerous.

This feeling makes him very uncomfortable.

"hmph! Bluff!" Li Qiandao coldly snorted, "You have just burned the blood essence, and now you have battle strength, I'm afraid that it is less than half of the heyday!"

Li Qiandao flicked his ten fingers, and nine sharp swords flew out of the space ring and ran across behind Li Qiandao.

Seeing these nine swords, all around the crowd watching the battle, boos once again appeared.

These nine swords are a Sword Formation, called Nine Aperture Sword Formation, using Li Qiandao’s cultivation base to launch the Nine Aperture Sword Formation......

Enough to kill the same level cultivator .

Yun Qingyan was not annoyed at seeing this, but rather said indifferently, the voice spread all over Heaven and Earth, "If I use Magic Weapon, it’s not a foul, right?"

"Of course No!"

"The person with the help of external forces has always been Li Qiandao!"

"Cloud Peak Master, you should have used Magic Weapon long ago! This Li Qiandao is too shameless! !"

"Senior Brother Yun, if someone investigates afterwards, all of us can testify for you!"

"Li Qiandao is really shameless! First intervened with Yun Qingyan and Li Wei’s battle, and then one after another with the help of external force! It is also due to Yun Qingyan being strong enough, otherwise he would have died under those external forces."

To fight against the unbalanced people, he also emphasized the'external force'. Two words.

"Young Friend Yun, you can let go and fight. Today's battle, Old Man has already recorded it for you." Another old man who seemed quite senior said.

Many people looked towards the old man who spoke.

The faces of these people are slightly 1st Transformation. They recognized this old man, who is also a Remote Elder.

"hahaha, so many thanks everyone!" Yun Qingyan laughed heartily and said to the crowd watching the Life and Death Stage all around cup one fist in the other hand.

Next, under everyone's attention, Yun Qingyan pinched his fingers, and a light and shadow appeared behind him.

Following a banner, it emerges at a speed visible to naked eye.

Everyone looked at this banner with curious eyes.

Yun Qingyan will use him against the enemy, which is enough to show that this banner is not simple, huh?


Life and Death Stage all around, suddenly there was a sound of air-conditioning.

Because the moment the banner completely appeared, a coercion that suppressed everyone’s unable to move...

I passed the Formation Law of the Life and Death Stage and pressed it to the scene. Everyone’s body.

"This, this is..." Mo Yi's expression changed drastically, because he recognized this flag, "This is Taihuangqi!"

Taihuangqi , As the name suggests...

This banner must be related to the Divine Emperor.

Otherwise, who would dare to put the word "Tai Huang" on Magic Weapon.

"What? Taihuangqi......"

"It is rumored that before the Emperor Divine Emperor gained the Tao, the Magic Weapon used has the Taihuangqi!"

"Why does Yun Qingyan have the Taihuang Banner? What is his relationship with the Taihuang Divine Emperor?"

No one would think that someone could grab the Taihuang Divine Emperor or steal the Taihuang Emperor flag.

The only explanation is that the Taihuang Banner was given to Yun Qingyan by the Divine Emperor.

The same complexion greatly changed is Li Qiandao. If the flag used by Yun Qingyan is really the'Taihuangqi'......

The consequences, he has not dared to imagine.

At this time, Yun Qingyan looked towards Mo Yi, "Mo Senior has good vision, this is indeed Taihuang Banner!"

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