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02911 chapter is invincible!

Li Qiandao's complexion is hard to see the extreme. At this time, I heard Yun Qingyan say the word'Taohuangqi'...

His complexion suddenly became ashes. Generally pale.

In the face of Taihuangqi, he... almost couldn't think of a match.

The Magic Weapon used by the Emperor Divine Emperor, even if the Magic Weapon has been used before, will still be contaminated with a part of the divine might of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

This is enough to cause great pressure on Li Qiandao.

Secondly, Jiuqiao Sword Formation faces the Taihuang Banner, and the odds of winning... it is not an exaggeration to say.

And the most important thing is that even if he wins Yun Qingyan, he will get offended... a giant he can't afford to offend in his entire life!

The Divine Emperor will send the Taihuang Banner to Yun Qingyan, which is enough to illustrate his relationship with Yun Qingyan.

"Young Friend Yun, there is no direct grievance between you and me. Today's conflict we will expose how." Li Qiandao's voice sounded in Yun Qingyan's ear.

Of course, this is sound transmission, and outsiders cannot catch it.

Yun Qingyan did not answer, but the gaze looking towards Li Qiandao was already a disguised response.

"Young Friend Yun, Old Man is also bewitched by Li Wei, as long as you are willing to expose this matter, Old Man is willing to pay enough!"

Li Qiandao has taken again a deep breath said.

Yun Qingyan's gaze made him feel terrified, because Yun Qingyan's eyes... are all murderous aura of cold Bingbing.

"Enough price? Are you sure?" Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

Yun Qingyan's tone was indifferent, but he did not cover up his voice.

"What does Yun Qingyan mean? Could it be that Li Qiandao said to Yun Qingyan sound transmission, so Yun Qingyan is responding to him?"

"It is very possible , Don’t you see that Li Qiandao’s face is as ugly as a dead man?"

"If you guessed correctly, Li Qiandao asked Yun Qingyan for mercy, but he chose sound transmission because of his face. "

"If you really beg for mercy, it just means that Li Qiandao's skin is as thick as a city wall. Don't forget, Li Qiandao the moment before will put Yun Qingyan to death!"

all around When the crowd was discussing spiritedly, Yun Qingyan had already shot.

The Taihuang flag flew into the air, and a golden-yellow mask projected from the flag body, enveloping Yun Qingyan.

This is a protective cover to ensure that Yun Qingyan will not be injured by the Sword Formation.

Immediately behind Yun Qingyan, at the speed that naked eye can see...the illusory shadow of giant dragon appeared.

This is the prelude to Yun Qingyan's "Evil Dragon Roaring Fist".

"Yun Qingyan, do you really want to cast aside all considerations for face with this seat?" Li Qiandao saw that Yun Qingyan had no sign of giving up, so he subconsciously threatened.

At the same time, the Nine Apertures Sword Formation also flew out, wrapping up the area where Yun Qingyan was located.

Li Qiandao stared at Yun Qingyan with both eyes, he was watching Yun Qingyan's next reaction.

However, as the giant dragon phantom behind Yun Qingyan became thicker and thicker, Li Qiandao finally launched an attack.

Sword Formation of Nine Apertures transforms Flying Sword into the sky. There are as many as locusts, densely packed like millions of archers shooting sharp arrows at the same time.

boom~ boom~ ……

The sky is full of Flying Sword, and it keeps blasting towards Yun Qingyan, causing the movement... to shake the entire film of Heaven and Earth.

The entire Life and Death Stage is in violent vibration.

Yun Qingyan, who was in the center of the vortex, was unharmed at this time, because all the attacks were blocked by the mask projected by the Taihuang Banner.

The Nine Apertures Sword Formation is indeed terrifying, but no matter how terrible it is... it is impossible to break the protection of the Taihuang Banner.

Even if it is just a circle of light projected by Taihuangqi!

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