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Chapter 02912 is not good!

What Yun Qingyan didn't know was that the moment he took out Taihuangqi, the entire Tianjue Holy Land was a sensation.

Especially a group of senior qualifications of Tianjue Holy Land, their views on Yun Qingyan are directly divided into two factions.

Yun Qingyan is indeed shocking and stunning, with endless potential, and even has the probability of winning the Divine Emperor.

Surely such Talent is welcome by Holy Land!

These veterans have decided long ago that after Yun Qingyan and Li Qiandao fought, they went to see empress...

Introduction, let empress cultivate Yun Qingyan.

But now, half of the old qualifications have changed.

The reason lies in Taihuangqi.

The Taihuang Banner is the Magic Weapon used by the Emperor Divine Emperor before, although the Emperor Divine Emperor will no longer use it.

But for the Emperor Divine Emperor, it is of extraordinary significance after all.

This can be seen from the name of Taihuangqi.

The gift of the Taihuang Banner by the Emperor Divine Emperor to Yun Qingyan is sufficient to illustrate the importance of the Emperor Divine Emperor to Yun Qingyan.

Since the Divine Emperor values ​​Yun Qingyan so much, why does Yun Qingyan worship the Holy Land?

Obviously, there are hidden secrets in it.


Tianjue Holy Land inside a Secret Realm.

Tianjue empress is watching a scene of Life and Death Stage.

The appearance of the Taihuang Banner naturally attracted the attention of Tianjue empress.

"It seems that Yun Qingyan came to Tianjue Holy Land and also received the full support of the Emperor Divine Emperor." Tianjue empress indifferently said.

For Yun Qingyan's purpose, Tianjue empress has long been known.

But she did not take seriously.

She doesn't think that Yun Qingyan can reveal any winds and waves under her nose.

In addition, she also wants to use Yun Qingyan to test Li Hanying.

Because even Tianjue empress wants to know whether Li Hanying is... a true despair.

But if Yun Qingyan gets the full support of Divine Emperor...

It's a different story!

Because Yun Qingyan is really likely to make big waves!

Almost at the same time, there were two people in Tianjue Holy Land, and they received a subpoena from Tianjue empress at the same time.

One of them seemed to have expected it a long time ago, and did not show any unexpected expression.

Her silhouette disappeared out of thin air. Next moment, she appeared in front of Tianjue empress.

"Meet the Master!" The silhouette that appeared suddenly was naturally Saintess Li Hanying.

The other person is a young man, extremely handsome, exuding an aura of oppressiveness.

"Nephew, see Aunt Mo!" This young man also bowed to Tianjue empress.

"Han Junior Sister Yan!"

"Mo Hui Senior Brother!"

Li Hanying and the young man met and performed a meeting ceremony.

If there are outsiders present at this time, you will definitely be shocked by the young Mo Hui's name for Tian Jue empress.

Aunt Mo?

He called Tianjue empress Aunt Mo?

Aunt Mo, Tian Jue empress, Mo? His name is Mo Hui, and empress is also called Aunt Mo...

The identity of Mo Hui is ready to come out.

"Hanying, you can pay attention to the battle of Life and Death Stage." Tian Jue empress looked towards Li Hanying.

Life and Death Stage?

The color of doubt flashed in the eyes of the young Mo Hui.

He spends most of his time in retreat, and he doesn't care about everything that happens in Tianjue Holy Land.

However, the duel that can arouse the attention of Tianjue empress is certainly not an ordinary battle.

So Mo Hui secretly contacted his confidant to ask about the situation.

"A new Peak Master named Yun Qingyan, and a little-known True Disciple duel, finally caused Remote Elder Li Qiandao to intervene?"

Mo Hui learned After the situation, I was whispered, "I don't know what secrets Yun Qingyan has, it is worthy of Aunt Mo to pay attention to him."

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