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02913 The will of Tianjue empress!

"dísciple is paying attention." Li Hanying answered truthfully.

"What do you think about seeing Taihuang Banner?" Tianjue empress said again.

"dísciple is not familiar with Taihuangqi." Li Hanying replied again.

"Unfamiliar?" Tianjue empress has a playful look on his face, "As far as I know, Taihuangqi is the one used by Divine Emperor...Life Source Magic Weapon!"

Tianjue empress especially emphasizes the four characters'Life Source Magic Weapon'.

"I consciously began to live in the'Taihuang Bagua Map'. I have only heard of the Taihuang Banner, and it is the first time I saw it today." Li Hanying said.

Unspoken implication is, she consciously started, the Emperor Divine Emperor has been entrusted with the emperor, and the Life Source Magic Weapon used has also become a picture of the Emperor's Eight Diagrams.

So she doesn't know much about Taihuangqi.

Her answer is also very convincing.

The reason is very simple. After the Emperor Divine Emperor was conferred the emperor, the Banner of the Emperor could not keep up with the footsteps of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

It's like Heaven Beheading Divine Sword, which can no longer keep up with the pace of Yun Qingyan today.

"You should know that what I want to ask is not whether you are familiar with Taihuangqi." Tianjue empress pressed step by step.

"The me of this life has already cut off the fate of dust in the Divine Emperor." Li Hanying said faintly muttered to oneself.

"hahaha, good! Good!"

Li Hanying's answer directly made Tian Jue empress laugh out loud, "It's worth naming you Li Hanying as a teacher! Hanjiang Guying, Passers-by, the past life is a past tense for you."

Mo Hui looked towards Li Hanying's gaze, a strange color flashed.

Although he spends most of his time in retreat, this does not mean that he does not know some secrets about God World.

In fact, the more secrets, he knows.

He doesn't pay attention to the things that God World knows.

As far as he knows, the Emperor Divine Emperor has a daughter, but the Emperor Divine Emperor put him into a lower realm called Dongfang Yu Zhou.

Three hundred years ago, the daughter of Emperor Divine Emperor fell.

At that time, the Emperor Divine Emperor shed tears, which directly caused the Emperor Star to fall into a meteor, piercing the night sky of God World.

Judging from the conversation between Li Hanying and Tian Jue empress, Li Hanying is most likely the reincarnation of the daughter of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"Mo Hui." Tian Jue empressed until then, looked towards the youth Mo Hui.

"Nephew is here." Mo Hui immediately took a step forward.

"You are now only one step away from the gods, but this step is away, you may not be able to cross it for the rest of your life." Tian Jue empress said.

"My nephew has been in retreat for nearly 100,000 years, just to cross this step." Mo Hui said.

"You lack one thing." Tianjue empress said.

"Aunt Mo, please give me some advice!" Mo Hui held back the excitement in his heart, bending over and thinking.

"What do you think of Hanying?" Tianjue empress answered the question.

"This is the best woman my nephew has ever seen." Mo Hui glanced at Li Hanying.

A deeply hidden longing flashed in his eyes.

"If you defeat Yun Qingyan head-on, I can be the master and betroth the cold shadow to you." Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

When she said this, Li Hanying's complexion greatly changed, and Mo Hui's eyes flashed hot.

"Master, absolutely no!" Li Hanying hurriedly walked out and said: "Disciple cultivation is Supreme Indifference, desperate, not suitable for combining with Dao Companion."

"Supreme Indifference was created by my own hands. How can I not perceive whether you are truly unfeeling and desperate." Tianjue empress indifferently said.

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