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Chapter 02915 pig teammate!

All the people present were dumbfounded.

No one didn't expect that such a big reversal will occur after Yun Qingyan uses the Taihuang Banner.

Li Qiandao is like a weak baby in front of Yun Qingyan... Let Yun Qingyan knead.

"If the Taihuang Bagua map is that's all, Yun... Yun Qingyan used it, obviously it is the Taihuang Banner!"

Many people are shocked and can't help but Opened the mouth.

The Taihuang Banner is different from the Taihuang Bagua map!

The Taihuang Banner is the Magic Weapon used by the Divine Emperor before the Emperor.

The Eight Diagrams of the Emperor Taihuang is the Magic Weapon of the Emperor Divine Emperor, which is...Magic Weapon of the Divine Emperor Level.

"The Magic Weapon before the emperor was so terrifying, how strong is the Divine Emperor...to what extent?"

Many people's thinking jumped to the Divine Emperor... How strong is this one?

"With the Taihuang Banner, Yun Qingyan is afraid that he will be invincible under the Divine Emperor..."

"This may not be true. If it is against the gods, the Taihuang Banner It may not be enough."

"God? I'm afraid that even the gods will not dare to be hostile to Yun Qingyan, right?"


The crowd who was still whispering suddenly quieted down again.

Because of Li Qiandao’s neck, there was a sudden sound...

Many people stared, Yun Qingyan wouldn’t really want to kill Li Qiandao, right?

If this is the case, then the rest of the excitement...may be great.

Once Remote Elder falls, Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail's heavenly empress...will definitely appear.

Remote Elder's status in the Tianjue Holy Land is equivalent to...Grade 1 minister of the secular dynasty.

Grade 1 Minister Death, this is a big deal.

"where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them, Yun Qingyan, you have won, can you sell for the next face."

At this moment, Life And on the Death Stage, a silhouette appeared out of thin air.

Many people looked towards this silhouette, and doubts flashed in their eyes, because many people had never seen the youth who appeared suddenly.

But for some old qualifications, the pupils shrink slightly because they recognize the youth who suddenly appeared!

Mo Hui!

Mo Hui has no specific identity in Tianjue Holy Land, not True Disciple, let alone Elder and his like.

But it did not affect Mo Hui's detached identity.

"Why did Hui'er come..." As Yun Qingyan was in the line, Ranked 1st's Remote Elder Mo Yi flashed doubts in his eyes.

Even if it was him, he hasn't seen Mo Hui for nearly 100,000 years.

More than one hundred thousand years ago, Mo Hui of the god Peak suddenly announced that he was retreating and began to attack the gods.

He appears here now, there are only two possibilities.

One is that he has successfully broken through the Supreme God.

One possibility remains, of course, Tianjue empress calls him out.

"Holy...Holy Son, please...Holy Son for help, the old man is willing to work extremely hard to return Holy Son!"

Seeing the sudden appearance of the youth, Yun Qingyan With Li Qiandao strangling his neck, the hope of survival suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Holy Son?

Li Qiandao's address to Mo Hui directly caused an uproar.

The spectators present are all dísciple of Tianjue Holy Land. They have not heard of Tianjue Holy Land and Holy Son.

Even Saintess, it was only seventeen years ago...

Mo Hui, who was originally indifferent, wrinkled his brows slightly after hearing Li Qiandao's address to him.

In normal times, the word'Holy Son' is naturally very useful.

But right now, the word'Holy Son' is just killing him!

Because of Tianjue empress, I am watching here all the time.

"Li Qiandao, don't talk nonsense, you are just an idler of idle cloud wild crane." Mo Hui snorted and said.

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