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02917 Chapter Yun Qingyan's counterattack!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned, including Mo Hui...

No one didn’t expect, Yun Qingyan would kill so cleanly Li Qiandao!

Mo Hui said to forcefully save Li Qiandao, unspoken implication is to see the true chapter under Yun Qingyan's hands...

It does not mean racing against time to save Li Qiandao.

"Mo Hui Fellow Daoist, I'm really sorry for letting you down."

Yun Qingyan spread his hands, Mo Hui lost his breath, and fell on him with a'bang' On the ground of the Life and Death Stage.

The expression on Mo Hui's face... still can't see the joy or anger.

However, his breathing is already a little quick, and his fists are not consciously rubbing.

Although he has been saying that he is just an idler in Tianjue Holy Land, but his inner world...not only does not think he is an idler, but he feels that he is under one person above ten thousand people!

In fact, it's not just Mo Hui who thinks so.

Tianjue Holy Land has many old qualifications, such as Li Qiandao's Remote Elder, who even regards Mo Hui as a Holy Son.

Although Mo Hui was not named Holy Son.

Yun Qingyan refuted his face in public, no, strictly speaking, this is no longer refuting his face...

It's just slapped him in the face naked.

"Cultivation is not easy, Li Qiandao finally achieved today's achievement, but you Ruin this person overnight."

Mo Hui spoke lightly, his voice spread all over the place. Heaven and Earth, "Yun Qingyan, you are vicious and merciless. You are too murderous. It runs counter to the fairness and justice of Holy Land, and the rules of keeping pots to the world."

"So what?" Yun Qingyan looked faintly Mo Hui said.

"I am not talented, but I am also willing to get rid of your malignant tumor for Tianjue Holy Land." Mo Hui said, a terrifying imposing manner swept out of him.

"How is it possible..."

The people who are familiar with Mo Hui, especially Ranked 1st's Remote Elder Mo Yi, are the first to stare.

The imposing manner that Mo Hui exudes, although not the imposing manner of the gods, has reached the point of...infinitely close.

At this time, Mo Hui, as long as he spends enough time... he can reach the deity smoothly!

It is worth mentioning that as long as you spend enough time, you can reach the gods 100%!

In other words, Mo Hui already has all the requirements for the breakthrough supreme god.

It's just that there is still time to hit the deity.

"There is no reason..." A doubt arose in Mo Yi and other seniors who were familiar with Mo Hui.

In order to attack the gods, Mo Hui has been in retreat for nearly 100,000 years.

His exit this time was either an empress summon or a successful impact.

There is no reason to be out of the gate suddenly at the moment of success.

"Yun Qingyan, you courting death yourself!" Mo Hui said coldly in his heart.

Tianjue empress In order to let him have a cultivation base that absolutely suppresses Yun Qingyan, and temporarily help him exterminate the cultivation base.

The reason for not being directly promoted to the deity is to avoid being criticized.

Let a god pick Lord War God, which is obviously bullying.

If Tianjue empress does this, the end result...will only anger Divine Emperor!

Tianjue empress is not afraid of Divine Emperor.

But when they reach their level, they will maintain a kind of...the tacit understanding of not taking action with each other.

But letting a god challenge Yun Qingyan is equivalent to breaking this tacit understanding.

"You have to discuss one or two, I am happy to accompany you." Yun Qingyan said, the clothes on her body, and a long black hair, did not know whether it was blown by the wind or by Mo Hui's imposing manner The influence of swiftly fluttered.

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