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02918 Chapter Standing Archway?

"But when you speak, you pull the banner of justice. It seems hypocritical to treat me as a cancer."

Yun Qingyan looked at Mo Hui's eyes, already slightly He squinted, "Anyone present knows why I had a dispute with Li Qiandao, and why I killed him again."

"If you don't ask indiscriminately, just give me vicious when you speak. and merciless, a murderous hat, it will only show that you don’t even have the ability to distinguish black and white."

"Who does not know, it was Li Qiandao who forcibly intervened... originally belonged to me and Li Wei Competing? I would like to ask who did not know that Li Qiandao used all kinds of despicable methods to kill me?"

"Of course, you are aloof, and it's normal to be lazy to understand these. But that's not the case. Representative, you can label people as you wish, and buckle them for crimes!"

"That's right..." At this point, Yun Qingyan suddenly paused, "I came from the lower realm. When I was very young, I heard a word from a worldly mortal."

"I think this sentence is very suitable for you."

Of course Mo Hui knows , Yun Qingyan's next words are hard to hear.

But now, he doesn't really interrupt Yun Qingyan.

Because all around watch too many eyes, these people also know what Yun Qingyan said is true.

The conflict between Yun Qingyan and Li Qiandao is self-defense from beginning to end...

Li Qiandao can't kill Yun Qingyan, Yun Qingyan can't resist, right?

Especially, Li Qiandao also shamelessly arrived and used Tianjue Holy Land’s Mountain Protecting Great Formation and Jiuqiao Sword Formation one after another.

If Yun Qingyan hadn't had the Taihuang Banner, and now he was reduced to a corpse, it would be Yun Qingyan.

Some people are even curious in their hearts, if the dead person is Yun Qingyan, would this Mo Hui stand up and accuse Li Qiandao of being too murderous?

"hahaha, Senior Brother Yun, we all want to know what you want to send to Mo Hui."

"Yes, yes, we are all very curious."

"Senior Brother Yun, if Mo Hui doesn't want to know, you have to tell all of us!"

There are many people who can't help but hide in the crowd. stand up.

Although Mo Hui hasn't looked back, Divine Consciousness has been released, locking up these people.

Murderous intention flashed through Mo Hui's heart.

"When a bitch, you have to set up an archway." Yun Qingyan looked at Mo Hui and said indifferently, "Mo Hui Fellow Daoist, your actions today are very suitable for this sentence."

"pu, hahaha..."

"hahaha, when you are a bitch, you have to set up an archway? This sentence is used to describe Mo Hui, it is really suitable!"

"People who are not blind can see that Mo Hui deliberately targeted Yun Qingyan! Otherwise, why did he not appear early and late, but wait until Yun Qingyan has the upper hand before appearing?"

"And he Without knowing the situation in advance, accusing Yun Qingyan indiscriminately, it is more like forcibly finding an excuse to deal with Yun Qingyan!"

"There is a saying that Yun Qingyan is right. It is necessary to discuss his accompaniment, but forcibly Finding some far-fetched reasons will only appear hypocritical."

"This is typical. When a bitch has to set up an archway."

The crowd roared with laughter, Almost every word between the lines is full of ridicule towards Mo Hui.

In Mo Hui’s city, Rao almost burst into anger and was about to burst out...

"It really is a sharp claw!" Mo Hui forced to pretend to be calm , Although his cheeks...have been slightly distorted.

"Yun Qingyan, let you talk about breaking the sky, I just ask you, do you dare to fight?"

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