Return of the Divine Emperor Chapter 2920

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02919 chapter empress ends!

"War, naturally there is no problem."

Yun Qingyan looked directly at Mo Hui, "But before that, do we first ask for three chapters of the law to inform the entire Tianjue Holy Land." "

"What do you want to tell?" Mo Hui asked.

"First, is this battle really a fair one for us? Once you accidentally fall into a disadvantage... Will there be another'Li Qiandao' again!"

"Second, this battle is a Life and Death Battle, or a battle that is simply divided into high and low."

"Third, I want to know if you can use Tianjue Holy Land's Sect Protection Great Array. If you can, will you use it in the fight?"

Yun Qingyan These three questions, Mo Hui looked aggrieved, and he wanted to find a gap to get in.

The three points mentioned by Yun Qingyan are all things that he had just experienced the moment before.

At this time, if Mo Hui answered...It would only make people think that he is standing on Li Qiandao's side, and he is purely intent to put Yun Qingyan to death.

If you don't answer, it will make people criticize and cause other people's contempt. This means that you don't even need a fig leaf.


Tian Jue empress, who has been watching the scene of the Hall of Life and Death, shook the head slightly.

Leave aside the cultivation base, the single city mansion alone...

Mo Hui is far inferior to Yun Qingyan.

Otherwise, after it won’t appear, it has been suppressed, guided, and unpopular by Yun Qingyan.

"Come here!"

"Send my will, tell the heaven and absolutely Holy Land..."

Mo Hui is still hesitating, I don’t know what to do When it closed, the imperial decree of Tianjue empress had spread throughout the entire Tianjue Holy Land.

There are three items of imperial decree!

Just responded to Yun Qingyan's three questions.

First, Yun Qingyan and Emperor Mo fought, prohibiting anyone to intervene, and offenders will be killed on the spot, destroy both body and soul! "

Secondly, you are arrogant in your life and death. Afterwards, anyone is forbidden to be held accountable by any forces.

Third, anyone is prohibited from using the Sect Protection Great Array. Offenders are killed on the spot and destroy. both body and soul.

The imperial decree of Tianjue empress once again caused an uproar.

No one didn’t expect that the conflict between Yun Qingyan and Mo Hui would make heaven Jue empress personally played the imperial decree.

After the crowd boiled, some smart people calmed down.

These people are all speculating about the thoughts of Tian Jue empress in their hearts.

With the power of Tianjue empress and her control of Holy Land, it is impossible to know what happened in the Life and Death Stage.

In other words, Tianjue empress must be aware of all the events, causes and consequences.

She expressed her position at this time and responded to Yun Qingyan’s three questions...

This is very intriguing.

Think of retreating for more than 100,000 years. Mo Hui suddenly appeared, and directed against Yun Qingyan who had never met before...

The result is self-evident.

Ranked 1st Remote Elder Mo Yi, looked at this time When towards Yun Qingyan on the Life and Death Stage, lightly sighed.

In my eyes, the color of regret flashes.

It seems that this child has no chance to grow up.

Mo Yi's silhouette quietly disappeared from the spectator stand.

He can already predict the next result, so... there is no need to watch it anymore.

Otherwise, he will worry that a certain knotty eye...will not help but make a move, which violates empress's mind.

It is not only Mo Yi who left secretly, but also a part of it. Those who have guessed about empress's mind.

They all sighed and left the spectator stand quietly.

"With empress, my problem is gone. "Yun Qingyan shrugged, looking towards Mo Hui said.

Next, it's Life and Death Battle.

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