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Chapter 02920, you don’t even have a chance!

Mo Hui’s cultivation base, of course, cannot hide from Yun Qingyan’s perception.

Not a god, but it is no different from a god.

In terms of pure battle strength, Yun Qingyan is naturally much inferior to Mo Hui.

But in this battle, Yun Qingyan knew that he had no way out.

With Yun Qingyan's intelligence, it is natural to guess that Mo Hui's sudden appearance is related to empress.

"Because of the appearance of the Taihuang Banner, I changed my mind temporarily and wanted to put me to death?"

"Tianjue empress, your move will only make me more convinced of one thing Matter. "Yun Qingyan whispered in her heart.

The Emperor Divine Emperor and Yun Qingyan have always wanted to know one thing.

Li Ranzhu this life is called Li Hanying, this name is taken by Li Ranzhu himself, or Tianjue empress.

If it is Li Ranzhu himself, it means that Li Ranzhu wants to get rid of all kinds of past lives.

Then both Divine Emperor and Yun Qingyan will respect Li Ranzhu's choice of this life.

But if Tianjue empress forced Li Ranzhu to do this.

Then Emperor Divine Emperor and Yun Qingyan, if they desperately, will let Li Ranzhu be themselves.

Mo Hui's complexion is still calm, but his heart has really murderous intention towards Yun Qingyan.

At this moment, even if there is no will to empress Tianjue, he will not let Yun Qingyan go.

Yun Qingyan not only made him lose face in front of many people, but also made him feel that he was not doing well in Tian Jue empress...


Mo Hui made a move, and made a clean move.

He wants to restore his image in Tian Jue empress, the best way is to kill Yun Qingyan.

Almost at the same time, Yun Qingyan's silhouette also disappeared.

He used the Void Movement. With his current cultivation base, using the Void Movement... has been able to achieve true invisibility.

Unless the intensity of Divine Consciousness is far stronger than him, his trail will happen impossible.

Mo Hui's unsuccessful attack fell on the protective array of the Life and Death Stage.

The imaginary big bang did not appear.

But a clearly visible crack appeared in everyone's sight.

"Mo Hui's use of power is no longer different from that of a real god."

"The protective array was cracked, but it did not cause too many ripples. This It shows that Mo Hui's use of power has reached a level that is difficult for us to understand."

"Mo Hui used all his power to simply attack!"

The crowd watching the battle , All marveled at Mo Hui’s cultivation base and his use of power.

But before these exclamations fell, Mo Hui’s one after another attack...

Battered all corners of the Life and Death Stage again.

In just a few breaths, no fewer than ten cracks have appeared in the protective array of Life and Death Stage.

On the Life and Death Stage, Yun Qingyan is still missing.

Suddenly, Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang, "It seems that you are comparable to the god’s cultivation base. It is the result of someone with a heart that spoil things through excessive enthusiasm."

Why does Yun Qingyan say that?

Yun Qingyan is just the cultivation base of the god Early-Stage. Although the soul realm is higher than the cultivation base...

but it also stops at the god Peak.

If Mo Hui's Divine Consciousness keeps up with the growth of the cultivation base, he is impossible to discover the existence of Yun Qingyan.

As for who the thoughtful person mentioned by Yun Qingyan specifically refers to...

It is self-evident.

Forcibly raise Mo Hui’s cultivation base to a level comparable to the gods, in Tianjue Holy Land......

Besides that, who else can do it?

"I am not expressly prohibited from using the Taihuang Banner, Mo Hui, your hole cards should be revealed."

Yun Qingyan's voice sounded out of thin air again, "Otherwise you will have no chance No more."

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