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Chapter 02924 is now under control!

The crowd watched with bated breath!

Yun Qingyan's fleshy body turns into bones at the speed that naked eye can see.

His flesh and blood are corroded bit by bit by the bionics of the extinct Kuroshio.

"Well? What is that..." At this moment, many people eyes slightly shrink.

In Yun Qingyan's bones, there seems to be a blueprint...like a map.

This picture is integrated with Yun Qingyan's bones.

If it weren't for the corrosion of the tide, that picture would change color...and it would not be distinguishable from the bones.


In the luxurious palace, Tianjue Empress has been watching the scene of the Hall of Life and Death.

She saw the picture in Yun Qingyan's bones, and her eyebrows sank slightly.

"The Eight Diagrams of the Emperor..."

"The fake!"

The fake is actually a bionic.

Although it is not a true Taihuang Bagua map, for people under the Divine Emperor...

It is also a treasure to the extreme!

The'Book of Tides' used by Mo Hui is also an imitation of the real'Book of Tides'.

Imitation products, naturally, can not release the real Kuroshio tide.

But even if it is not the real Kuroshio, it is ruin's poisonous to the existence under the Divine Emperor.



On the Life and Death Stage!

Only Yun Qingyan is left with the corpse. The picture in the body suddenly releases a golden light.

Next moment, Yun Qingyan, who has turned into a white bone, has regrown flesh, internal organs, etc. at a speed that naked eye can see...


Yun Qingyan broke free from the shackles of the sky tide, and the whole person flew into the air.

The picture in his body flew out without knowing when it was suspended in Yun Qingyan's hand.

Looking from a distance, the image is a book, yellowish, and you can see the baptism that has gone through the years at a glance.

"Mo Hui, Book of Tides...No, it should be said that the bionic product of Book of Tides is your biggest trump card, right?"

"The man behind you, should Never thought, I still have a fake of the "Taihuang Bagua Picture"?"

Yun Qingyan said quietly, looking towards Mo Hui's gaze, gleaming with undisguised murderous intention.

Mo Hui, and the person behind Mo Hui, have already touched Yun Qingyan's bottom line.

"You who are fair and just, claiming to build God World only one piece of pure land..."

When Yun Qingyan spoke, his eyes looked towards the sky, and sarcasm appeared in his eyes. "It's just that's all."

If she is really fair and just.

She has been paying attention to everything in Life and Death Stage, and she will not be indifferent to what Li Qiandao did.

Neither will Mo Hui be sent to Yun Qingyan and Li Qiandao in the battle...just when the winner is determined.

Life and Death Stage all around the crowd watching the battle has caused an uproar because of Yun Qingyan's words.

"A bionic product of the Book of Tides? The Book of Tides is not one of the Life Source Magic Weapon we empress?"

"If Mo Hui really holds the Book of Tides, why It's not that..."

The guessing crowd has no daring to go on, because the answer is ready to come out!

It is worth mentioning that even Ordinary’s dísciple has guessed... the person behind Mo Hui.

Suddenly, these people gasped again!

If the person behind Mo Hui is really that one, then the object of Yun Qingyan's ridicule just now...

Is Yun Qingyan crazy?

Dare to ridicule in public...that one!

Especially, Yun Qingyan's sarcasm is still...beautiful!

Yun Qingyan, who imitated the Eight Diagrams of the Emperor, suddenly looked towards Mo Hui loudly shouted, "Now, accept the domination!"

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