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Chapter 02925 accept the domination!

A beam of light was shot out of the emperor's gossip map, and it fell on Mo Hui in an instant.

As imagined, Mo Hui's fleshy body by the beam did not appear.

However, Mo Hui's complexion changed drastically. In less than a few breaths, Qiqiao had already overflowed with bloodshot eyes.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Hui became old. He originally appeared to be in his twenties...

He was aging at a speed visible to naked eye.

His black hair gradually turned gray, and finally turned from gray...to white!

The smooth face also wrinkles at the speed that naked eye can see, directly......

Wrinkles are all over the face.

"Mo Hui's life force was forcibly taken away!"

"Yun...What is the Magic Weapon in the picture in Yun Qingyan's hand? Why... Why is it so terrifying? "

"Mo Hui has always resisted with the bionics of the Book of Tides, but his life force is still forcibly extracted!"

The crowd was shocked. Doesn't that mean, The picture in Yun Qingyan's hand is more terrifying than the bionic Magic Weapon in The Book of Tides?

"You are unfortunate!"

"The imitations in your hand are not inferior to the imitations I used, but it is a pity...Magic Weapon has mutual restraint!"

"Mo Hui, if you don't have other cards, this battle should be over." Yun Qingyan said, looking directly at the old and unbearable Mo Hui.

Now Yun Qingyan, as long as he is willing...a single thought can turn Mo Hui into ashes.

The reason why he hasn't gotten a killer yet is because he is waiting...

He wants to wait and see, the one behind Mo Hui...will he make the shot regardless of his identity!

The bionics of The Book of Tides, after all, are not the real Book of Tides, the released tide...

The gap between the real Kuroshio and the real world extinction is too big!

Therefore, the control technique of the Eight Diagrams of the Emperor Taihuang... can forcefully pass through the tide and fall onto Mo Hui.

In fact, if you change to a real book of tides, even if Yun Qingyan uses the real Taihuang gossip map...

It will never be so easy to win!

Because the extinction Kuroshio is in God World today, there is still no substance... it can be restrained.

But there are too many things that can restrain the bionics of the extinct Kuroshio.


At this moment, the sky above the Life and Death Stage was suddenly torn apart.

A copper mirror flies out of the cracked space.

This copper mirror carries a terrifying coercion, even Yun Qingyan...... They are all immediately driven to imitate the Taihuang Bagua map body protection.

hong long long!

The horrible explosion appeared, and the light beam refracted by the imitating Taihuang Bagua diagram was instantly reflected by the copper mirror towards the sky.

I don’t know how many tens of thousands of meters above, there was a terrifying explosion like stars colliding.

The terrifying fire sea directly illuminates Heaven and Earth within a radius of hundreds of millions of meters...

"Although I didn't make a shot personally, I gave a treasure right away!"

Yun Qingyan was indifferent, with a somewhat mocking voice, "I should say you are particular, or ......Shameless?"

If it is shameless, the person behind it can do it himself.

But if she is exquisite, she shouldn't do...gifting treasures on the fly.

"Holy clothing protects the body!" Yun Qingyan used the Taihuang gossip map to put on his fleshy body in 1st Layer golden clothes.

This dress looks like armor from a distance. If you look closer, you will find... it's just 1st Layer light and shadow.

"Emperor Domination Technique!" Yun Qingyan shouted loudly, and four beams shot out at the same time.

Except for the up ahead beam, it is straight forward.

There are three beams left, turning a corner on the way, shooting towards Mo Hui from the left, right... and behind.

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