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The sword in Chapter 02926 is called black liquid!

This scene made many people stare.

The picture in Yun Qingyan's hand can not only launch four beams at the same time, but also turn on the way...

bang! bang! bang! bang!

The copper mirror that fell from the sky suddenly produced three more Clone Body, which wrapped Mo Hui's front, back, left, and right... all.

After the light beam hit the copper mirror, it was all shattered and a terrible explosion was ignited.


"What is the Supreme Treasure of this copper mirror?"

"How is it possible that it has forcibly absorbed the energy of the beam and will The absorbed energy...we gave it back to Mo Hui!"

The original Mo Hui has almost been emptied of life force.

But with the copper mirror, the absorbed energy will be fed back to him...

He restored the peak state again!

Even Mo Hui himself, at this moment... didn't realize it.

He originally thought he was dead.

I never thought about the critical moment...empress will give him treasures.

"You are right, there is mutual restraint between Magic Weapon, Yun Qingyan, now...you can really go to death!"

Walk away from Gates of Hell Mo Hui, who was in the circle, finally revealed his original face, his entire face...

full of ugliness, full of fierceness.

"The world in the mirror, purify everything!" Mo Hui loudly shouted, and the copper mirror flew out.

Looking at naked eye, the copper mirror seemed to turn into a bowl, and Yun Qingyan was enveloped in one hand.

Almost at the same time, in midair appeared, the picture of Yun Qingyan in the copper mirror.

At this time, Yun Qingyan was suffering inexplicably, and his entire face was distorted because of the severe pain.

The screams are even more pervasive in the copper mirror.

"Tai Huang Senior, other people don't talk about martial arts, what are you still worried about..."

Yun Qingyan shouted with all his strength while screaming.

When the crowd watching the battle heard Yun Qingyan's words, they boiled again.

Will the next battle be upgraded from Yun Qingyan and Mo Hui to Divine Emperor and Tian Jue empress?

If this is the case, the entire Divine Realm...I'm afraid it will be ruin because of the battle between the two.

"I need a sword, an indestructible Divine Sword!" Yun Qingyan's voice sounded again.

Immediately, Yun Qingyan reached out his left hand and faced up ahead... and made a gesture of holding a sword.

In a vacuum!

It actually appeared out of thin air...a long sword with a terrifying cold glow.

"This sword is called black liquid. When I was still a god, I used it to kill thousands of gods!"

between Heaven and Earth, a sudden sound of... Full of the sound of Dao Accumulation.

It's like Heavenly Dao's bell, and it's like the ancient sayings.


This sound directly detonated the crowd.

Obviously, this is the voice of Divine Emperor.

In Tianjue Holy Land, I dare to claim to be'zhen', except for Divine Emperor, there will be no second person.

Yun Qingyan holds a black liquid Divine Sword, and a horrible sword intent swept over his body, Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

trapped his copper mirror and felt Yun Qingyan's body After the sword intent, there was a vibration.

This shock makes people feel like a child who is frightened.

"A blade of grass, I can cut the Star Fragmentation void, this sword is in my hand... but Annihilating Everything is vain!"

Yun Qingyan's calm voice sounded, and then...

He faced up ahead and struck the sword that extinguished everything.


Just one face, trapping Yun Qingyan's copper mirror, was divided into two halves by the monstrous sword glow.

"Immortal Emperor True Solution, Dying Divine Wind——"

After catching the eye of the wind, Yun Qingyan swung another sword.

up ahead... Mo Hui, who has not been broken from the copper mirror, came back to his senses, and disappeared directly into this World.

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