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02927 The past of Tianjue empress!

Yun Qingyan is best at sword technique!

Today, his perception and understanding of the sword is even more than what he used to be...Banished Immortal!

black liquid is Divine Sword again!

Black liquid is in hand, even if there is no imitation Taihuang gossip picture, even if there is no Taihuang flag...

Yun Qingyan still kills Mo Hui like a grass mustard!

Life and Death Stage all around, countless eyes all looked at this scene in amazement.

Mo Hui's silhouette, like a lit white paper...gradually turned into ashes, and then disappeared.

The other side of the Life and Death Stage.

The confrontation between Taihuangqi and the Book of Tides ended with the fall of Mo Hui.

The Book of Tides disappeared into Xu Kong, and Taihuangqi returned to Yun Qingyan's hands.

Yun Qingyan's gaze swept across the all around of the Life and Death Stage, and finally fell on the three-armed ape Hou Yu.

Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, is full of gratitude and excitement in his eyes.

For him, Yun Qingyan not only challenged Li Wei, but also challenged Li Qiandao and Mo Hui one after another...huge monster!

Hou Yu has made up his mind!

From this moment on, even without the constraints of the master and servant contract, he will follow Yun Qingyan to the death!

Yun Qingyan faced Hou Yu, after a light nodded, his gaze re-looked towards the top of the sky.

"Yun Qingyan, see Tianjue empress!"

When Yun Qingyan spoke, he hugged cup one fist in the other hand and performed a Younger Generation salute.

Tianjue empress is still in her bedroom at this time.

She stood silent in front of her, unable to see Li Ran...Li Hanying, who was happy and angry.

"Han Ying, do you think Divine Emperor can keep Yun Qingyan?" Tian Jue empress asked abruptly.

In the palace, the biting chill was shrouded in an instant.

Even Li Hanying felt like walking on thin ice, feeling...a moment of uncomfortable feeling.

Yun Qingyan's "Waiting to see Tianjue empress" in public, this is to tell everyone... Tianjue empress is helping Mo Hui!

And Mo Hui died in his Yun Qingyan's hands.

This is a double face empress.

"No one can protect the person the Master wants to kill from God World!" Li Hanying said in a flat tone.

This is true!

Tianjue empress is on the same level as the Divine Emperor.

The person she wants to kill, even if the Divine Emperor protects her, it will not help.

It's like two people with the same cultivation base. Although they can't tell the winner, they can't help each other.

But this does not mean that when one party wants to kill a person... the other party can keep it.

Tianjue emphasize slightly nodded, and then said: "But it is not sensible, right."

"If you weigh the pros and cons, it is indeed not sensible." Li Hanying nodded said.

Now the situation is obvious, Yun Qingyan represents the Divine Emperor.

If Tianjue empress takes action to suppress Yun Qingyan, it will inevitably usher in the crazy revenge of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

The Divine Emperor can't help Tianjue empress, but the other people of Tianjue Holy Land don't want to live in peace.

Tianjue empress wants to kill Yun Qingyan, Divine Emperor can’t keep it!

The Emperor Divine Emperor wants to kill the other people in the Holy Land, and Tianjue empress can't keep it either.

"Han Ying, do you want to know my past?" Tian Jue empress said suddenly.

"Master, please speak." Li Hanying said.

"Many people in God World have guessed my identity, and as they guessed it, I am not an aboriginal of God World, but a creature of Foreign Domain." Tian Absolutely said empress.

"Disciple has also heard this conjecture." Li Hanying responded.

Tianjue empress can drive the black tide of extinction, which is enough to explain a lot of things.

"Do you know why I came to God World?" Tian Jue empress said, a memory of memories appeared on his face.

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