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02928 Chapter Qingshang

Li Hanying did not answer any more, but stood quietly. This is the most important thing a listener should do.

Tianjue empress’s face showed a color of memory. After a long silence, she said: “A long, long time ago, God World, a god named Mo Yang, was chased and killed. Arrived in the foreign domain magic land."

"When I met him, he only had one breath left, and he was poisoned by the black tide of the world. Before he destroys both body and soul, I rescued him. "Tianjue empress" will use the term "long, long time" to describe it, which means that the time is really very long.

Tianjue empress said this, she suddenly glanced at Li Hanying and said, "Even in the foreign domain magic land, my identity is very transcendent..."

Tianjue empress said , Suddenly protruded a palm, and black liquid was flowing in her palm.

Li Hanying only felt that her scalp was bursting, as if she was in a death hole.

"This...this is the black tide of exterminating the world!" Li Hanying said for the first time.

Tianjue empress did not rely on any external force at this time to drive... the black tide of extinction!

This, this has almost subverted her perception of the extinction of the black tide.

It's no exaggeration to say that the Kuroshio Current is the most terrifying substance in this universe, and there is no one.

Tianjue empress drives her without the help of external force!

"Master, you...how did you do this?" Li Hanying couldn't help but shocked.

She was really shocked, and her heart... even more so.

"Want to see my body?" Tianjue empress said coldly.

Li Hanying knows that Tianjue empress is not Human Race, but she doesn't know exactly what ethnic group she is.

At this time, hearing Tianjue empress say so, Li Hanying immediately said: "disciple hope to hear the details."

The fleshy body of Tianjue empress is suddenly visible with naked eye The speed becomes weaker...

This kind of lightening is like pouring ink into a clear river... gradually being diluted and disappeared.

In about a dozen or so breaths, Tian Jue, who was wearing a luxurious imperial robe and was originally a gorgeous crown of the world, empress...

He turned into a transparent person.

This is like a transparent person formed by a clear liquid.

"In Foreign Domain, there is a race called Demon Race. Every creature of Demon Race can mobilize the Kuroshio."

"Of course, this Demon Race It is not the same as the Demon Race referred to by God World creatures. We are just called the Demon Race."

Tian Jue empress looked at Li Hanying, "Now you should have guessed my identity?"

"Master is Demon Race!" Li Hanying said.

"I am a member of Demon Race, and at the same time...I am also the last Demon Race in the world." Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

What Li Hanying wanted to say, finally...choose to remain silent.

Although Tian Jue empress's tone is calm, she still feels...the sadness that empresses at that moment.

"Do you know how I survived?" Tian Jue empress said again.

"Because of that Mo Yang?" Li Hanying's eyebrows condensed slightly, and a thread has been sorted out in her mind.

Tian Jue emphasized nodded, and then said: "I saved his life, and the reward he gave me was to use his life in exchange for me to survive."

" Before he died, he made a pleading to me, um... it is pleading, I will never forget the pleading look in his eyes before he died."

"He said, if you can meet me in advance How good it should be, he fell in love with me the first time he saw me."

"At that moment, I burst into tears, and I asked him, since you love me... why not poke Break that layer of paper, why not break it!"

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