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Chapter 02929 he is dead!

Why did Tianjue empress have such a fierce response?

That's because Tianjue empress also likes him, and he has already...heartfelt promised to him.

It's just the pride of being an empress, and as a woman...reserved, she can only wait for Mo Yang to pierce this layer of paper.

The thing is counterproductive, empress clearly feels Mo Yang’s affection for himself...

Mo Yang can feel her heart as long as he is not in Yumu’s head, but Mo Yang Just don't want to pierce this layer of paper.

empress has been waiting, waiting for a hundred years, waiting for a thousand years...

It wasn't until the sect-destroying disaster of Demon Race came and Mo Yang died for her. Qian told her: He loves her.

"What is his plea?" Li Hanying asked.

She did this to interrupt, empress fell into the sadness of... memories.

"He told me that before he was chased and fled into the foreign domain, he already had a family and a wife that the Ming media was marrying. Therefore, he dared not pierce the layer of paper. ."

"That’s why he said, it would be great if I could meet me sooner..."

Tian Jue empress At this point, I looked a little excited. towards Li Hanying, "Hanying, do you know, I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all...because that is his past!"

"Even, I can still accept... The original wife and children received the Foreign Domain magic land. Because this was his experience before meeting me."

"But he didn't even tell me, so he concluded...I accept No way of his past! How could he be like this? How could he be like this!" Li Hanying looked towards Tian Jue empress and found that her beautiful eyes turned out to be crystal clear.

Even if a long time has passed, Tianjue empress mentioned this past event...

It will still be sad, it will still be sad.

This may be the defect of a person..., and the reason why it is a characteristic of a person.

Only perceptual, emotional creatures... can be called human beings.

Of course, this "person" refers to...not just a simple Human Race.

"His pleading is for you to take care of his wife and children?" Li Hanying seemed to have guessed the pleading that Mo Yang made to Tian Jue's empress.

At the same time... there was also a premonition of anxiety.

Tianjue emphasize nodded, and then said: "At that time, I had no place in the foreign domain magic land. His plea... also just gave me the reason to come to God World."


"It's just that when I arrived at God World, Mo Yang's former wife and children were already in the middle of their lives and turned into a pile of loess."

"Fortunately, they left offspring. "

"For the convenience of taking care of Mo Yang's descendants, I simply founded Tianjue Holy Land."

I have to say that Tianjue empress is really the most affectionate. Sexual people.

Just because of Mo Yang's plea, she took the responsibility of taking care of the people who followed.

Li Hanying listened to the story of Tianjue empress, while spinning her head at high speed.

She was thinking, how to send information...

How to send Tianjue’s immediate decision... to the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"Han Ying, you are so smart, you must have guessed the identity of Mo Hui." Tian Jue empress faintly said.

After Li Hanying was silent for a while, she was slightly...nodded.

At this time, it is hypocritical to say that he can't guess.

"Mo Hui is not only a descendant of Mo Yang, but...also the last descendant of the lineage single pass!"

"When Mo Hui dies, Mo Yang will be dead." Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

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