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Chapter 02930 empress is out!

The greatest tacit understanding between Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor is that they will not attack the people below.

Because I treat the people below you, you can also deal with the people below me, and the end result will only suffer from both sides.

But now, Tianjue empress does not need this tacit understanding.

She created Tianjue Holy Land to better take care of Mo Yang's descendants.

The tacit understanding between her and other Divine Emperor... comes from the descendants of Mo Yang.

But now, Mo Yang is dead.

The last offspring of Mo Yang died in the hands of Yun Qingyan.

"You said I killed Yun Qingyan, do you care about the consequences?" Tian Jue empress faintly looked towards Li Hanying.

But this time, she didn't wait for Li Hanying to answer, and then continued: "The worst result was that the Emperor Divine Emperor attacked Tianjue Holy Land. But...what about that?"

When he said'then what', the tone of Tian Jue's empress was full of relief and full of unscrupulousness.

At her level, she has long been accustomed to aloof and remote, and she has long been accustomed to being above all beings.

In her eyes, life is just a bunch of numbers that's all.

Tianjue Holy Land is gone, she can build another one at any time if she wants to.

Heaven and Earth treats everything as a humble dog. In Tianjue’s eyes, except for the people and things she cares about...

There is no difference in other substances.

Neither people nor animals are pure numbers.

Because of her cultivation base, she has long been beyond the realm of sentient beings.

"Let's go, Hanying." Tianjue empress said abruptly: "You should really want to see Yun Qingyan, right? Now, you don't need to hide, but I will take you to see him. "

Tian Jue empress the words, then waved his hand, and disappeared into the palace with Li Hanying.



Life and Death Stage, the crowd will spread out.

Everyone is still in a daze.

Yun Qingyan today, the impact on them is too great.

Not only did they kill Li Qiandao and Mo Hui one after another, but... they even called Ban Tian Jue empress.

Yun Qingyan uttered the phrase "Waiting Tianjue empress" in public, which is a disguised call of Tianjue empress!


At this moment, a dazzling holy light appeared on the sky.

Two beautiful silhouettes suddenly appeared in the holy light.

The first thing that catches everyone's eyes is Diwei Geshi, the Tianjue empress standing on top of Nine Heavens.

Beside her, she was also following a peerless grace and elegance, like a peerless beauty who came out of the painting.

"Meet Your Majesty!" Hidden in the crowd, the old seniority of watching a theater immediately recognized Tianjue empress and knelt down first.

Affected by this, the sluggish crowd also returned to their senses...immediately knelt on the ground.

"Meet empress!"

"Meet Your Majesty!"

"Meet empress!"


Life and Death Stage all around, everyone knelt on the ground.

On the Life and Death Stage, Yun Qingyan is looking directly at the shadow on the sky...

He ignored the Heavenly Empress of Emperor Wei’s World War II, and his eyes were full of excitement. With... the silhouette of the long-awaited reunion.

"Ranzhu..." Yun Qingyan shouted with excitement.

Above the sky, Li Hanying is also looking at Yun Qingyan, just different from the excited Yun Qingyan.

She is full of indifference and calmness.

What no one noticed is that her hands hidden in the sleeves have long been... clenched tightly together.

"Yun Qingyan!" Tian Jue empressed his mouth, and the sound was like a bell from Nine Heavens, instantly revolving around the entire movie of Heaven and Earth.

Even if it was Yun Qingyan, hearing this voice...I felt the urge to kneel down and worship.

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