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02931 Chapter Hanjiang Guying!

"Han Ying, you have crossed the line." Tian Jue empress glanced at Li Hanying suddenly.

How could Li Hanying's clenched fists escape the Divine Consciousness of the Heavenly Empress?

"Disciple saw Yun Qingyan and thought of unhappy things." Li Hanying said.

After saying that, a picture emerged in her mind...

That is the Yun Qingyan of the future, which severely inflicted her... Only a ray of Remnant Soul remains.


Tian Jue empress's eyes flashed with surprise, it was obvious that she saw the picture in Li Hanying's mind.

"Strange..." Tianjue empress some kind, and then the color of doubt flashed through, "It's Yun Qingyan, why doesn't it look like Yun Qingyan."

Li Hanying's mind Yun Qingyan, although he looks exactly the same as Yun Qingyan, but the temperament... is completely different.

The feeling of empressing Tianjue is like cultivated'Supreme Indifference', as if it has been completely desperate.

"He defeated me." Li Hanying said.

"The discipline is not about crossing the line, but after seeing him, I think of unhappy things."

Tian Jue empress looked at Li Hanying, with several points of playfulness.

Then slowly said, "Since it makes you unhappy, then you can kill him."

"Disciple is not his opponent." Li Hanying said.

"That's very simple, I can unlock your seal." Tian Jue empress said, suddenly hand grasps to Li Hanying.

Suddenly, a light and shadow flew out of Li Hanying's body.

Li Hanying was reincarnated and reborn. Although only seventeen years ago, her cultivation years...

There are thousands of years of horror!

Tianjue empress not only provides Li Hanying with the best cultivation resources, but also creates a special space for Li Hanying whose Time Flow Speed ​​is hundreds of times slower than the outside world.


After the seal was drawn out, the laws of between Heaven and Earth, and Power of God...all flocked to Li Hanying continuously.

The ground below, without a lot of light, instantly gathered on Li Hanying.

Li Hanying’s cultivation base, triumphant progress all the way, soaring into the sky, but in a moment...

It stopped at the god!

"Go, I will personally hold the battle for you!" Tian Jue empress indifferently said.

Li Hanying was nodded, and then, silhouette appeared out of thin air on the Life and Death Stage.

"Yun Qingyan!"

Li Hanying's tone is not only indifferent, but the gaze looking towards Yun Qingyan is also full of indifference.

"Ranzhu..." Yun Qingyan took a deep breath.

Li Hanying's indifference made his heart...unstoppable tingling.

"Please respect yourself!" Li Hanying said lightly, "this life, my name is Li Hanying, I am Saintess of Holy Land!"

"Li...Saintess!" Yun Qingyan took a deep breath again, and then said: "Can I ask you a question?"

Li Hanying did not answer, but just looked at him indifferently.

"You...you still have previous life memory." Yun Qingyan finished speaking, looking at Li Hanying expectantly.

"Of course!" Li Hanying nodded, said: "I remember everything in the past life."

Hearing this answer, Yun Qingyan's heart...sighed in relief.

But before Yun Qingyan is rejoicing, Li Hanying continued: "But what about it? Hanjiang Guying, a passerby, everything in the past life is just a passing scene that's all."

Guying in the cold river, a passerby in the rivers and lakes...

These words made Yun Qingyan's heart sting once again.

In such an indifferent tone, telling the passers-by, telling all kinds of past lives is just a passing scene......

Li Hanying really ignored the past life.

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