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Chapter 02932 Your abnormality!

As early as Yun Qingyan, the first time he learned of the identity of Li Ranzhu this life from the mouth of the Emperor Divine Emperor...

I felt lost and lonely in my heart.

It's just that while he is lost and lonely, he still has hope.

After all, Li Hanying of this life was adopted by Tianjue empress, her name...

Could it be Tianjue empress?

But now, the hope in Yun Qingyan's heart is dashed.

Li Hanying's reaction, as well as her recognition of the name between the lines...

It is enough to see that this name has won her recognition even if she did not pick it by herself.

The lonely shadow of the cold river, a passerby in the rivers and lakes.

Guying in the cold river, a passerby...

"Well, I came to see you, not to renew the past." Li Hanying looked at Yun Qingyan, indifferently said: "Of course, I and You...and there is no place worthy of renewing the past."

"Then you are?" Yun Qingyan looked at Li Ranzhu.

Yun Qingyan still finds it difficult to treat her... as Li Hanying.

"I want to kill you." Li Hanying said, still without any tone.

"You want my life, come and take it." Yun Qingyan said calmly.

He owes Li Ranzhu too much.

If Li Ranzhu wants his life, for him... it is not a kind of compensation.

Li Hanying shook the head, "You must spare no effort."

It seems to her that if Yun Qingyan sits and waits to die, it is a kind of disrespect for her.

"Although you are a god, if you really do it, you may not be able to get benefits from me." Yun Qingyan indifferently said, his expression also calmed down.

"Fight against me, you can't use Magic Weapon." Li Hanying said.

The voice just fell, and the...Divine Sword black liquid suspended beside Yun Qingyan, suddenly broke through the air, disappearing at the end of the sky in an instant.

Obviously, this is the Emperor Divine Emperor recalling the Divine Sword black liquid.

"For the sake of fairness, I will not use any Magic Weapon." Li Hanying's words fell, and the silhouette disappeared.

next moment!

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

On the Life and Death Stage, a densely packed silhouette appeared.

Yun Qingyan and Li Hanying's speed is fast to the extreme, and each collision leaves an afterimage.

Naked eye looked at it, as if Qianqian absolutely Yun Qingyan and Li Hanying were fighting each other.

"Supreme Indifference, broken Xu Kong!"

Suddenly, Li Hanying's burst of drinking sound resounded throughout Heaven and Earth.

The vacuum of the Life and Death Stage is like floor-to-ceiling glass, shattered into countless pieces, and countless winds swept out of it.

Yun Qingyan immediately used Xu Kong silhouette to escape into the shattered Xu Kong.

Just one face, Yun Qingyan's silhouette, flew out of the split Xu Kong.

"Why not go!"

Yun Qingyan looked towards Li Hanying in confusion.

"You should know that just now was your only chance..." Li Hanying shook the head.

Almost at the same time, the entire Life and Death Stage was wrapped in a terrifying Divine Consciousness.

As if you don’t even need time, two figures appeared on the Life and Death Stage at the same time.

One is the emperor's best empress.

The other is... an imposing manner, a handsome man who is not under the empress of Tian Jue.

He is...Divine Emperor.

"Han Ying, do you say I should be relieved or disappointed?" Tian Jue empress didn't seem to see the Divine Emperor, but just glanced at Li Hanying faintly.

"The discipline disappointed the Master." Li Hanying lowered her head and said slightly to Tianjue empress.

"You just said too much, not only Yun Qingyan saw your abnormality, but I also saw it." Tian Jue empress said.

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