Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1519


“Let her go!”

Tenderly shouted, Han Tianyang looked at a wonderful female nun, and shot like a sharp arrow, blocking in front of Bai Muxue.

Looking at the smile of Long Shengnan, Han Tianyang can’t help but show greed, grinded, saying:

“This girl, it’s awesome! But the district establishment establishment ants, dare to challenge grandfather me! Today, I want to enjoy you with Bai Muxue, one dragon and two phoenixes …”

Long Shengnan also learned from Jiang Tian to suppress the Magical Powers of the cultivation base. At present, the momentum has not yet spread, and the cultivation base has not been revealed.

Han Tianyang only thought that she was a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Where would she put her eyes in the eyes, and thought that it was the fat that was delivered to her mouth?

“Fellow Daoist, you’re helping, thank you very much!”

Bai Muxue’s first salamation, anxious and earnestly said:

“But they have a lot of people, powerhouse as clouds, you and I are definitely not defeated. It ’s not worth your life to fight for your life. If you are stubborn, we will fall like this together. Please leave quickly, Just you … “

Her eyes are lightly red, and her white lips are biting her lower lip with tears:

“Be sure to pass on the truth of Jiang Taichu and Immortal Ruins, to teach the world to distinguish between enemies and friends. Your servant, even if he is dead, will stare!”

“Don’t worry. You can’t die! Today, there is a big shot present, even if the market emperor is here, it won’t hurt you at all!”

Long Shengnan comforted softly.

“What big shot?”

Bai Muxue froze slightly.

Long Shengnan didn’t answer, and said softly: “I’m going to kill the war, you protect yourself, if you can fight, you can fight, and if you ca n’t fight, you will retreat into the boat, you know?”

“I understand, it will never drag you down!” Bai Muxue nodded.

“It’s one dragon and two phoenixes, you know, how many dragons have I killed in this life?”

Long Shengnan is looking at Han Tianyang. Cold light flashes in the clear beautiful eyes, and a taunt of iron appears on the corners of his mouth. Suddenly a right hand is explored. Magical Powers erupts.

“Dragon Seizing Hand!”

Boom ka!

With a sound, the vitality erupted and turned into a large disc-like hand, grabbed by Han Tianyang, moved towards hundred zhang.


Han Tianyang turns pale with fright.

He just seemed to hear the roar of Long Shengnan dantian, and there seemed to be a tremor of the Gold Core, did this mean woman hide the cultivation base.

“I’m not worthy of knowing my name!”

Long Shengnan is scornful, cold said with a smile: “Today, you all have to die here, no one can escape!”

“Bitch, you are crazy!”

The commander of the palace of Langya Yuxiu stepped into the air one by one, approaching the past, coldly said with a smile: “We have dozens of Gold Cores here, but also spar warships, equipped with small divine light guns. You Thought you could be your opponent? “

“trivial ant!”

Wu Fengcheng is also cold with a smile:

“You know, we are the special envoy of Fengxu Palace, you challenge me to wait, you are provoking the Supreme Palace of Supreme!”

“haha, Gold Core? I don’t know how much to kill!”

Long Shengnan laughed a long time, almost tears, almost domineering, Murderous aura sounded, but there was another sound.

Suddenly, she smile restrained, shrouded in frost, cold light flashing in beautiful eyes, murderous aura overflowing, icily said:

“Walking dogs in the Palace of the Emperor! Do you think I’m afraid of you? Today, even if the prince and grandson of the Palace of the Emperor are here, I will kill!”

Since I learned that Dragon Sect was killed under the death of Father Dragon, Long Shengnan had a horrible hatred, and he could not wait to set foot on the market palace immediately, and they came to either the fish dies or the net splits, However, Jiang Tian has to support the war with war, find resources to improve the cultivation base, and strive to do his best in the battle, he has not been in the upper bound to kill, making Long Sheng man’s heart sullen and indignant.


Long Shengnan a light shout, the lovable body flickers, like a dragon-shaped arc, directly moved towards Wu Fengcheng flying past.

No one has arrived yet, one palm has been furiously shot.

“Kowloon Royal Thunder!”

This palm contains nine forces, the first layer of power in the palm of the palm erupts, like the impact of the angry dragon.

“Give me a block!”

The alarm in my heart was repeated, Wu Fengcheng was loudly roared, and five or six bodyguards of Magical Artifact were blown out.

One after another multi-colored mask blooms together, some like lotus blossoms, some like golden shields, some like Fire Phoenix dancing, some like White Python wrapped around mountains … one layer at a time, one side Face, protect the whole body for a moment.

It was deadlocked with the first layer True Yuan of Jiulongyufeng Thunder.

“It’s up to you!”

Long Shengnan chuckled, full of ridicule, three thousand blue silk flew backwards like a banner, shoulders moved together, jade palm pushed again, True Yuan reached the whole body, mobilized all True Yuan to focus on the palm, second layer of power break out.


All of Wu Fengcheng’s bodyguards Magical Artifact exploded instantly, and the mask and barrier broke apart.

Wu Fengcheng flew out thousand zhang upside down, his head crashed into a battleship, and the battleship full of formation marks behind his head was shaken and cracked.

Rolling True Yuan, like a Dragon Dragon, creeps around, causing the third layer of Jiulongfengfeng Thunder to explode, and those shattered battleship crystals begin to break.

Long Shengnan ’s whole body rolls True Yuan violently, the power of the Fourth Layer explodes, and Wu Fengcheng’s half head has been embedded in the crystal mark formation mark.

The strength of the fifth layer of Jiulongyufeng exploded, and a dull vibration came from the hull. Wu Fengcheng’s entire head sank into the hull!

The 6th-layer strength of Kowloon’s Royal Wind Thunder broke out, like the impact of a six dragon, with a thunder, Wu Fengcheng’s entire skull and body were broken apart, like a smashed fly, blood, organ, broken bone, Minced meat covered a large area of ​​the hull.

hong long!

Huge mountain-like warship, she forcibly pushed back and exited a few hundred meters away, trembling violently, the internal reaction furnace panted and snorted, black billowing smoke appeared, screaming in sorrow, shocking pole.

Slap Gold Core with one palm!

Wu Fengcheng is still a Gold Core Middle-Stage, and as a casual practitioner, he visits the sect expert. The Magical Powers mystery he repairs is extremely complicated, but he is still out of reach.

“The emperor’s merit in Kowloon is fierce and overbearing, and it has many changes. I saw it today, and it really is good!”

The ghost wolf stands behind Jiang Tian and admires it.

“She is also a fairy!”


As for Yan fatty siblings, they all look dumbfounded, dizzy, and the heart seems to jump out of their throats.

“It’s so tender! But let her fight for a while, let her vent the rest qi, and at the same time, temper it!”

Jiang Tian yawned casually. Listening to the tight siblings is even more dumbfounded, staring at Jiang Tian in disbelief.

“This evil woman, really strong!”

“Fellow Daoists, be careful!”

At this moment, even Ling Yuxiu was shocked and stepped back subconsciously.

In the battlefield, many Gold Core true kings looked at each other in blank dismay, and they can see the fear and panic in the opponent’s eyes.

“I’m afraid! My mother hasn’t done her best yet!”

Long Shengnan slowly retracted his right hand, clenched into a fist, and carried him behind.

Her curvy figure is erect and straight like a sword, her posture is cool, her momentum is extremely cold and severe, she laughs at with a smile:

“You guys are really dogs, after all, they are just running dogs that ’s all, not dragons and tigers, so brave!”

“Ling Palace Master, what should I do?”

A Gold Core Zhenjun is panicked and unwilling to fight Long Shengnan.

The opponent is very strong, even if she kills her, it is a terrible victory. Who knows if she will die in her hands.

“Fellow Daoist, what else can we do? Do we have a choice?”

Ling Yuxiu’s gentleness disappeared long ago, replaced by endless Yin Yin, after grinding the alveolar, icily said:

“Capturing Bai Muxue is the order of the Emperor’s Palace, but we have not issued a military order. You and I must die!”