Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1520


“Let ’s go together. Old man would n’t believe it. Let ’s join hands and we ca n’t clean up her girl today!”

Supreme Elder of the Sky Wolf snarled in anger, the phase of the law burst into an instant, and turned into a white-haired three-eyed wolf.


Ling Yuxiu’s slender right beckoned, a folding fan flew out of the sky, and in a wave, the wind rose, and moved towards Long Shengnan covering the past.

The folding fan exploded in the sky, and the moon and the moon on the fan’s surface bloomed tens of thousands of light, and it suddenly flashed into manifestation.

Suddenly, there were mountain peaks smashing, rivers falling into entanglement, and a full moon like a strange knife moved towards Longsheng Nan flying spin cutting.

This folding fan is also a true authenticator. It is a Sect Founder that opened a mountain in Langya Palace. It took hundreds of years of hard work to ingest mountain gas, river water, moonlight essence, etc. into one magic weapon. .


Countless Foundation Establishment cultivators, dozens of Gold Core true kings, roaring and screaming, or driving Flying Sword volleys, eruption, or close combat, moved towards Longsheng male crazy attack.

For a while, Long Shengnan seemed to be in a desperate situation.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the flower boat was shocked.

In this World, Gold Core is the existence of Peak. Even with the evasive Old Guys, it is roughly hundreds of people.

At this moment, dozens of people were dispatched, and they still joined forces to siege regardless of their status. In their opinion, it was a peerless killer, and no one could be calm.

Your old cultivator kindly sends Jiang Tian Divine Sense Sound Transmission:

“Fellow Daoist, your companion is in danger, dozens of Gold Core true kings, he may not be able to stand it! If you have the strength, let’s go together!”

Even the ghost wolf is a little worried, saying: “Master, otherwise, the old slave will go up to help her, for fear of injury!”


Jiang Tian said lightly to Biyan Liquor, secretly praised the good wine, said slightly with a smile:

“Only the ultimate slaughter tempering can stimulate the potential, tempering cultivation base, and sharpen the mind. I have taught her a lot of methods and I look forward to her being able to truly reach the Nascent Soul realm through this battle!”

“What kind of sharpening exercise is clearly indifferent, regardless of friends’ lives. This boy, there must be no cultivation base!”

Yan Li glanced at Jiang Tian’s eyes, her heart was full of heart, but she didn’t dare to say it, after all, she couldn’t figure out the details of Jiang Tian.


The ghost wolf nodded and turned to look into the battlefield.

“Thank you all the running dogs for giving me dog heads!”

Just see it.

Long Shengnan gave a loud slap, and True Yuan slammed his whole body, blowing three thousand green silk like a waterfall, turning it into a dragon-shaped curve, and actively moved towards them, rushing to the past, and directly taking the scum scum of Ling Yuxiu.

The Emperor Kowloon ’s emperor ’s magical powers are the mainstays. The outbreak of Magical Powers presents a natural phenomenon in Kowloon. Like nine True Dragons, the formidable power is great!

There are many changes in Kowloon. Various Attack Type spell Magical Powers and defense spell Magical Powers control water and fire, evolve Yin and Yang, and have strong attack power.

It can be aggressive and domineering, and it can be varied. Whether it is attack or defense, or refining, it is do as one pleases.

Also, these nine dragons have been cultivated by him to be practically ordinary, sinking to the extreme, and the formidable power is extremely high.

“clang when!”

She punched, a giant zhang long giant dragon rushed through, causing a peak in Yuxiu ’s folding fan to be instantly penetrated, and her spirit was overflowing, but the rune on the mountainside peak was broken and tight. Then the peak also burst.

A prime hand, an Azure Dragon good at absorbing water rushed out, opened a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and swallowed a long river like a whale.

Facing the natural phenomenon of the crescent moon that swirled and flew up and down, Long Shengnan punched out with a punch, forcibly burst, and became Moon’s Essence.

In a blink of an eye, Yuxiu ’s folding mana is completely destroyed.

Ling Yuxiu’s face was white and snowy, and one one’s head out of fear retreated quickly, while Long Shengnan was faster, and he had already swiped to 100 meters away.

Dragon Seizing Hand again!

In Ling Yuxiu’s panic shout, he took it in his hands and pinched his throat against him.

The attack was suspended, and everyone was afraid to bring disaster to innocent people and hurt Ling Yuxiu.

Everyone is shiver coldly, watching this scene in shock, but with three fingers, Yuxiu is captured.

“Fellow Daoist, I know it wrong. As long as you don’t kill me, I will be your most loyal slave …”

Ling Yuxiu was imprisoned by her vast and profound Xuan Gong as if she was trapped in an iron plate and couldn’t make the slightest move, she could not help but start to sweat coldly, and begged pitifully.

“hehe …”

Long Shengnan sneered.

The fiber fiber hand looks like a dragon claw, and the fingers with steel hooks pierce his dantian instantly, tearing out the blood-stained Gold Core and pinching it fiercely.

“You …”

Gold Core cultivator fleshy body is strong and blood energy is strong. Even if you lose Gold Core, you won’t die for a while.

Ling Yuxiu couldn’t help but feel anguish, surprised and angry staring at Long Shengnan, and shouted hysterically:

“How can you act so cruel and ruthless, you will be condemned in the future! You must not die!”

“Cruel and ruthless, wantonly the emperor and you running dogs!”


Long Shengnan was sneered, and Yushou patted him directly into the abdominal cavity, then discarded it like throwing garbage.

“Ah! Kill her! Revenge for the palace master!”

“Very vicious woman, I’m going to unload you eight pieces and frustrate my ashes!”

“You dare to kill my Husband! I’m desperate for you!”

The disciples in Langya Palace are some beautiful nuns. When they see this, they all cry and cry, like the moth flies into the flame.

The rules of the Langya Palace are so strange. The female cultivation base master, but each of the palace masters must be a male. When the palace master is born, he will expel all his seniors and junior brothers from the sect.

And these female disciple will become his Dual Cultivation Dao Companion, and enjoy the happiness of the people and the joy of fish and water.

After hundreds of years, a new batch of male disciplines will be recruited until the birth of a new palace master, and so on.

The saying that “the main music of the Langya Palace is so good that it doesn’t change for a fairy class” is widely spread in this world and everyone is envious.

Because there is only one male master in the sect, these female disciple love to make Yuxiu love crazy.

At this moment, when the palace master is killed, their eyes are red, blood is flowing, the lovable body is trembling, they are going to faint, hysterically roared, moved towards Long Shengna and killed.

“trivial ant!”

Long Sheng’s body is entangled with the spirit of Jiulong, and he walks through the midst of these nuns. Any one hit with a formidable power is incredible, breaking the mountains and turning the sea.

Most of the women in Langya Palace are Foundation Establishment. One or two Gold Cores are just that ’s all.

Under Strikes of Long Shengnan, they spread like blood in the air, like a patch of magnificent red clouds, and the fallen corpses dyed the lake red.

Longsheng is a man of great strength, not conceding to men, and at the same time has a lot of changes. He raises his hands and conceals the power of Heaven and Earth, opens and closes, and is fierce.

In between three fingers, she rushed through the Langya Palace Nun camp, covered with blood, her face stunned, and there was an empty night sky behind her, all the nuns were completely destroyed, even chicken and dog doesn’t remain.

next moment.

She shook her figure, her feet soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

“The emperor’s merit in Kowloon is rooted in Ao Huang. He is a peerless dragon demon. He created this feat with the characteristics of Dragon Race. Dragons can be large or small, can be hidden, can fly into the sky, and can swim in the deep sea. , But Hidden Dragon In Deep Abyss, can see the dragon in the field, feasible cloud rain, can burn the sky, can control the wind and thunder, can dew honey, there are many Innate Ability. This skill, of course, is good! Tonight, belongs to Long Shengnan and Emperor Jiulong of Kowloon! “

Jiang Tian also showed a touch of admiration, leisurely speaking a secret.

This is the information he received when discussing the ancient history with the Golden Crow emperor in Tiny World, deep in the ancient demon abyss Tangu.

“so that’s how it is.”

Ghost wolf nodded sighed:

“The old slave sees the ancient cultivation technique of immortal soil, no less than the cultivation technique of the lineage of the emperor, as long as it is improved, it fits into this Heaven and Earth avenue …”

next moment, Jiang Tian suddenly looked into the distance, the deep pump light seemed to penetrate the endless vast clouds and smoke in the wilderness, with a slight complexion, lightly said with a smile: “tsk tsk 啧, fun. Here are a few Giants Level characters, see if Long Shengnan can kill all these pieces before they come. Otherwise, I have to shoot myself! “